The DOWN on RECALL is a very impressive thing to see a dog do. It’s also a safety exercise which shows how much control you have over your dog and how well your dog listens. Down on Recall is also an obedience exercise. In AKC Obedience you need to demonstrate this and in Schutzhund / IPO you need to do something similar, which is a Down on Send Away.

In this online dog training lesson I will teach you the complete Drop on Recall and also show you the training, reward and corrections that I use. In the first part of the lesson, I use Maya (who doesn’t know the exercise). You’ll see the basics to teaching your dog the drill. In the later part of the video / lesson, you’ll see me doing the exercise with Goofy who knows it well and has competed in competitions where he needed to demonstrate this control.

We’re currently preparing for a trial, so I included some of the more advanced training and corrections that we’re doing. I think you’ll love this exercise. It is an advanced exercise and probably not something to teach a green dog, but I think the value in seeing this will help you immensely as you progress in your training.

It is critical to alternate between stopping the dog and finishing the recall. This prevents the dog from stopping in anticipation!

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