Coming from a place of working with shelters and helping them save dogs, I know a bit about the right (and wrong) way to introduce dogs. Everything really boils down to the initial intro.

Using the right technique gives dogs the best shot at getting along and making the most of it. A bad intro can prove disastrous and can also be nearly impossible to “make right.”

The most common way people introduce dogs is just “letting them meet.” When it goes good its great, but when it doesn’t, it’s a big problem. Also, when you don’t know much about the dogs it can be dangerous for either, or both dogs. Dogs who meet nose to nose are more likely to snap at each other, and dogs that are let to meet on their own will often get in trouble when they go to sniff.

I’ve used the “stacked intro” hundreds of times personally, and know it has been used countless times by people I’ve trained. Remember, shelter dogs are quite different because they don’t have an owner and may have some behavioral issues that landed them in the shelter in the first place.

So in this online dog training lesson I want to show you how I suggest letting another dog meet your dog when others say, “Heck, just let them meet!” This is what I suggest and have had success at it countless times.

*** disclaimer, not 100% of dogs get along with other dogs. You’ll still want to control your dog and work with someone controlling the other dog. Your safety first, the dog’s safety next!

Keep Your Eyes on Your Dog - Trust the Other Person!

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