Puppies that are not properly socialized can often end up with terrible leash manners.  Truffles was rescued by Alex and Ana who booked a session with me to help better understand his issues.

In this online dog training lesson, you’ll join me for almost the entire session as we work  through leash control, basic redirection, reward for paying attention, corrections for acting out and at the end we’ll see the potential this  puppy has.

It’s important to state that this lesson was filmed over the period of one session.  In these sessions I evaluate and work on the training the dog needs to go through.  What you’re seeing with me is the potential of the dog, but that will depend on the owners putting in the work.  It shows, this puppy can learn, but needs repetitive exposure and correct guidance.

The corrections you see in this video are not harsh, personal or punitive punishment, but self corrections the dog receives because he is making bad choices.  Teaching a dog right from wrong is one of the most important things we do for a dog.

You must be your dog's advocate. Structure and corrections give a dog the tool to succeed!

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