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I think that getting a dog to walk on a loose leash and enjoy their walk is one of the most frustrating things that owners face. There are countless issues that go into it from the do’s prey drive, tight leashes, distractions, bad manners and a host of other things.

In this lesson, one of our longest ever, 30+ minutes – I discuss most every aspect of building a nice leash walk.

PLEASE NOTE – This lesson should be approached over several days / sessions. PLEASE, do NOT make this a one lesson training. Your dog needs to learn the various aspects of this training. See: online dog training

Some of you may have seen the other lesson that I did with Maya on this topic, and as I mention in the video, there are different approaches that work with different dogs. Not every dog is the same. So examine the videos and see what works best for your dog. Be consistent once you find your way and be patient with your dog.

It is not natural for a dog to be directly next to you... Teach him and make it fun!

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