Getting your dog to STAY when you are in the immediate line of sight is a skill that is taught to a dog early on.  I consider it one of the most important skills that all dogs should know.  When we take our dogs to a higher level of training, we introduce the Out of Sight Stay.  In this online dog training situation, we expect our dogs to STAY even when they can’t see us, and we can’t directly control them.

This takes a lot of trust and work to establish.  It is definitely an advance level skill.  In this lesson I show you part 1, which is the part of the lesson with Duane.  We touch on the basics for a beginner dog learning this.  Not a beginner dog, but a beginner to learning this skill.

I urge you to make certain that your dog understands the STAY command in your presence before you ever try to introduce this advanced level skill.

As you will see in part 2 of the lesson, I introduce Goofy to show the finer points and introduce the distraction of having another dog in the picture: how to correct and implement it with two dogs.

One of the more advanced things to teach your dog! This takes TRUST!

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