In this week’s online dog training lesson we meet LJ, an adorable Schnauzer puppy that belongs to John and Kandice.  They are members of this team and reached out to me for a little guidance on engaging and training LJ.  What you’ll see in this video is the first 1/2 of our entire training session.  I think it gives such a great insight into the benefits of training via this online forum and some of the hurdles you might be facing.

As I always say, watching these videos are invaluable to the small things that you might be missing.  From what I’m hearing from many of you, you agree.  I think that the very small things that we were able to address in this session made a huge difference to LJ’s relationship with Kandice and John.

How to deliver treats, how to engage a puppy that is drifting, how long to train, what little things you can do to enhance your relationship.  I’ll post the second half of this video next week, so stay posted.  LJ is a very typical example of a well trained puppy that can benefit immensely from some clearer communication.

Puppies Learn in Small Bites!

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