Teaching a retrieve to a dog is essentially a pretty simple thing to do.  Remember, through basic instinct dog naturally retrieve.  They go get stuff!  The issue comes into play when we want them to retrieve to hand.  Bringing things BACK TO US is where the issue comes into play.  The basic thought to them is that “IF I bring it back, the game is over.”  And, that is essentially true.  How do we change that?  How do we make bringing things BACK to US rewarding?  We can use rewards, but there also needs to be a correction for non- compliance.  That is what this lesson really focuses on, as well as proper holding and some more details.

In this online dog training lesson we look at some issues and resolutions with both Goofy and Duane.  Duane is still learning some of the more important aspects, so you can see how to teach and correct for proper behavior.

Teaching the Retrieve requires a dog's trust and respect for you!

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