We could spend a year and 50 lessons on building a perfect focused heel… and it would all be time well spent.   After the lesson I posted a few weeks ago on focused heeling, a few of you reached out and asked about my “secret.”  I’ve never done a lesson or even a youtube video on this tool, but in this lesson I will expose it.  I literally just went to the park this afternoon to shoot it with Maya, Duane and Janet.  I really want you to have this info.

The secret tool I use is a magnetic ball and you can get one from amazon, but they are not in big supply.  I’ll post a link to the ball in the next day or two.  to be honest, I need Alin to do it for me.

However, using this tool, I’ve developed an awesome heel on Goofy, Maya and Duane.  I used the same methodology with all of them, so I KNOW it works!

This online dog training lesson will teach you several different methodologies to using it and how I apply them.  The way you position the ball makes all the difference in the world – as does how you reward your dog.  I shot anther part to this video, but will post it in the future, since this lesson will be enough to digest in one sitting.

I will also make a video on how you can make your own magnetic ball system.  But for now, follow the lesson to see what I’m doing and what makes it work!

The single best tool for building a solid focused heel!

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