There are three basic “positions” we expect a dog to know.  SIT DOWN STAND.  Each of these has their own importance.  Most every dog knows sit and most dogs can do a down, either by verbal command or by luring them.  However, there are very few dogs that can STAND on command.   Why is this important?  Simple, if a dog is lying down and you want them to get up without “releasing” the dog, what can you do?

Teaching your dog to STAND gives them the ability to go from one position to another seamlessly.  Look at my videos of Goofy going from STAND to SIT to STAND to DOWN – over and over.

In this online dog training lesson I teach you how to introduce your dog to the STAND and how to perfect it, both from luring with treats to toys.  I show you the right position(s), the angles you’ll need to know and some exercises that will speed it up at the end.

STAND is not an easy thing to teach and you MUST be patient.  It’s a fun challenge, but not one everyone will be able to master.  I hope with this lesson you’ll give it a try.  Go slow and be patient…

STAND is the One Position that is RARELY Taught to Dogs!

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