Teaching OUT with E Collar

There are a host of ways to teach a dog to let go of a tug, ball or toy.  Most of them are effective on many dogs, not all work on every dog.  In past lessons I’ve given several techniques, but never taught my methodology using an e collar to OUT the dog.  The reason has been because I want to be sure that people understand that the most important thing will be to have a great relationship with their dog and understand some alternate skills that will help keep that bond when using an e-collar.

I believe the proper use of an e collar is one of the most humane methods of teaching a dog, conversely, I do understand that it can be misused.  So,  in this lesson I really want to stress the important factors of using an ecollar for effective communication, and prevent you from causing a conflict in the dog’s mind.

Remember, the way the dog sees the collar “correction” can relate to the way the dog sees you as well as the game.  If you aren’t careful you can make the toy very aversive to your dog and it may cause some dogs to not want to play with the toy again.  This would be a shame to lose that just in trying to get the dog to let go of the toy.

In this online dog training lesson we will cover the proper use of the collar, the timing, the follow ups and how tom properly end the game of tug (as a bonus).  This is a great lesson for intermediate to advanced handlers.

Too Many OUTS will ruin your dog's chances of having fun!

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