This exercise teaches your dog to find your scent on one out of 3-4 articles.  This can be any object such as a dumbbell in AKC or a piece of dowel, which I’m using here.  The dowel is also used in the Mondio Ring Sport obedience exercise “little woods.”

The previous online dog training lesson on scent gave you some basics to go on.  I hope you’ve been working on this with your dog, because here is the second part.  In this lesson I touch on some more advanced phases of teaching your dog to discern your scent on an article.

Making it a little trickier in this lesson will help you step up your game.  Scent is a very easy thing for your dog to understand if it is taught clearly and properly.  In these two sessions (this weeks and the last lesson), I lay out some of the basics to teaching this.  Whether you want to compete or not, nose work is a very fun thing to teach your dog and it can be done just about anywhere with just about anything.

Scent games are one of the VERY best games to play with your dog!

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