part 3 – the bonus

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we first touched on the HOLD as taught as part of the RETRIEVE training.  The hold is perhaps the most important part because it cements what we want the dog to do.  We want the dog to bring something to us, but he HOLDS it in front of us until we take it. As I showed in lesson 1, we focused with Duane on just holding an object in front of me and get rewarded for holding and releasing.  This taught a nice solid hold.  We transitioned into part 2 and now we are ready for some of the finishing touches that will make it fun, useful and also help you begin trouble shooting the HOLD.  If several members have issues with the hold, I’ll do a troubleshooting the hold video!  But this last video should show some very important aspects. See: online dog training

DO NOT START WITH THIS VIDEO LESSON if you haven’t completed part 1 and 2!

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