The TOUCH COMMAND is one of the most useful things to teach your dog for several reasons.  Let me start by saying, it gives your dog a job to do, which is always critical.  We spend way too much time trying to get a dog NOT to do something, instead of giving them SOMETHING TO DO.

Teaching your dog TOUCH engages him or her to you, and it can lead to a host of other things from there.  Most importantly, if you’re trying to train your dog for obedience, tricks or service dog work, the TOUCH is a critical element – perhaps the most critical.

In this online dog training lesson I take you all the way through from foundation to advanced.  This lesson is nearly 30 minutes long.

Setting the dog up to learn the crucial first steps all the way through to remote touching.  I think you’ll LOVE this lesson and it will come in so handy with your dog no matter what you’re teaching him or her!

Give your dog a job to do! TOUCH!

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