Dog Myths Revealed on the CW San Diego

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Today I was on the CW San Diego with Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett.  We played a fun game of TRUE or FALSE when it comes to dog myths.  It was almost impossible to stump Jacqueline, so I’m putting some info from the segment below in case you’d like to share it or maybe you missed the segment.

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The link to the segment is here:

Dog Myth #1
AllLife Vests can save your dog's life even if he is a good swimmer. Dogs are Great Swimmers:

This is a common myth and can be deadly to many dogs, in particular dogs such as bulldogs. I always recommend using a life vest to protect your dog and also to teach him the confidence to learn how to swim.  When swimming your dog in a lake, river or ocean, always use a life vest to protect them.  Even an agile swimmer can get exhausted and drown.  I like the Outward Hound Life-vest because of it’s quality construction and comfort on my dog.

Dog Myth #2

Zymox Oral CareA Dog’s Mouth is Cleaner than a Human’s:

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.34.16 PMDepending on who your friends are, this is probably not true.  Dog’s mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria that is often more dangerous to people than dogs (another good reason not to let strange dogs lick your mouth).  I recommend a good enzymatic cleaner such as Zymox Oral Cleanse Therapy as well as brushing with an all natural tooth paste and chewing on raw bones and turkey necks.  For a much simpler solution, I have found that manufactured deer antlers such as the Petstages brand gives a dogs a simple alternative and less mess for you.  These are made in the USA and contain naturally shed deer antlers and because they are manufactured, they tend to be safer than the rock hard deer antlers which can crack teeth and at the very least grind the teeth down.  Chewing on these will help a dogs teeth scrape away plaque and tarter and lead to a healthier mouth.

Dog Myth #3
Dog’s Can Heal Wounds by Licking Them:

Many people will tell you about the healing powers of a dog’s saliva.  While there are certain antimicrobial properties in your dog’s saliva that can help wounds heal such as Lysozyme & Histatins, there is also proof that nerve growth factor, a protein that one study found can cut a wound’s healing time in half.  The most prominent factor that attests for the licking action to help wounds heal is the saliva loosens debris and dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the wound.

So, obsessive licking can prevent healing and even cause problems, but licking within reason can be a good thing!

Dog Myth #4
Slow Feed Bowls for a Safer Feeding Experience for Your DogDogs Shouldn’t Swim or Exercise 30 Minutes before or After Eating:

While there is no proof attesting to this, I still try to be careful and wait.  No harm in waiting. My mom always made me wait before swimming after I ate, so I do the same for my dogs.  For dogs that are voracious eaters, I highly recommend using “slow feed bowls.”  We used to just put a brick in the middle of a bowl, but now there are companies that make great slow feed bowls that are effective and very cool looking.  Check out the bowls from Outward Hound and the cool designs.  Slowing a dog’s eating is great for their overall health and certain dogs, such as the smash-faced breeds should only be fed with slow feed bowls to prevent choking on food.

*** If you are purchasing your products from, please use and choose Bound Angels as your charity of choice to help Bound Angels save more shelter dog’s lives.

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