Jamie Penrith – Dog Training vs the Alternative – Episode 109

This discussion with Jamie Penrith goes deep into the topic of using aversive tools in order to save, not only dogs’ lives, but also the lives of other animals such as sheep, cattle and more. Are these tools really aversive? Is aversive training or training that causes momentary discomfort to a dog to accomplish something important, cruel?

We dive deep into this conversation, take on many science based lies and mis-information and so much more. Jamie has led a movement and trained countless dogs to live around livestock using fair training methods and has done so successfully. People claim that these training methods including collars are cruel, yet the alternative is often a dog that gets shot by a farmer and worse! Dogs live in a human world and sometimes need extra training. The radicals opposing fair dog training will have you believe that they can do it without the tools, yet they have never proven their point. Why? Because they can’t. They are spearheading movements everywhere to try to ban everything from e-collars to clip leads to crates…. the is dangerous for people, other animals and mainly for dogs.

The use of e-collars as a viable methodology of training is currently under attack by a very small but vocal group – the truth of using electronic training collars is one of many key points in this discussion. Please watch and share!

This is an awesome chat with a dog trainer from across the pond (in England). A very knowledgeable, talented and witty man that I respect and admire. He has a great organization that I support and hope you will too:

ARDO’s aim is educating the public and keeping dogs safe. A most worthwhile cause. *****************************************

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