Episode 115 – The Radical Change in Dog Training – Bart & Michael Bellon

This discussion is sure to ruffle some feathers as Michael, Bart and I discuss everything that is going on in dog training, but everyone is afraid to talk about. This includes the radical shift in dog training language and methodologies and how that will affect dogs. The bans on training tools that are being attempted here in the USA and the ones that have taken place in many European countries and what that means for the future of dog training. We discuss the use of the ecollar and the stigma that surrounds it as well.

As we see people trying to ban tools and dog sports, we should understand that this will inevitably mean an end to dogs as we know them and owning dogs as pets. A very sad state of events for anyone who loves dogs.

I’ve known Bart for over 12 years and we’ve shared some great conversations about dog training and technology as it relates to dog training tools over the years. I hope you’ll enjoy this chat. It’s a no holds barred, gloves off conversation about our passion for dog training.

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