Episode 117 – AKC Obedience Champion Flo Walberg

AKC Obedience is a dog training skill like few others. For the most part it is women dominating the sport and everyone knows everyone. I have competed in AKC obedience all the way from Novice to Utility. The person that first introduced me to the sport many years ago was Flo Walberg. We have stayed friends over the years and I thought it would be great to get her on the show and talk about dog training and more.

Flo has competed at the highest levels and WON at those levels. She has trained, competed and titled Border Collies as well as Rottweilers over the years. To watch Flo compete is awesome. She is composed, professional and a TOP COMPETITOR. There are only a few people I like to watch doing AKC Obedience and Flo is one of them.

In this chat we talk about the mindset, the training, the dogs and her beginnings in the sport. No matter what style of dog training you’re doing, you’ll gain something from this podcast with the one and only Flo Walberg!

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