IPO 3X World Champion – Peter Scherk & Connie Scherk – Episode 98

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Peter Scherk is an international renown IPO / IGP / Schutzhund competitor, trainer and WORLD CHAMPION 3 X, an unheard of feat. In this podcast I sit down with Peter & Connie Scherk and talk about their training, competitions, their outlook and training philosophy and how they have become so successful with the Belgian Malinois.

This is one of the best podcasts for anyone who is interested in learning about IGP, training malinois, competing and understanding what it takes to be a wold champion. From their small, humble yet incredibly successful Team Heuwinkl, we delve into his training philosophy which he teaches in his new Book Successful Together / Gemeinsam Erfolgreich, a book I highly recommend.

Check out this interview, then visit Peter and Connie at their site:


Instagram: @cp_scherk


I think you will love this interview. The audio is a little spotty in places, but the value of the content is immense!

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