LAPD – TOP K9 TRAINER discusses what it takes to be a POLICE DOG – EP.74

What is a police canine? What is it that makes these dogs so amazing at what they do? I sat down with Michael Goosby LAPD’s top k9 trainer and talked dogs. We talk about what goes into selecting dogs for the job, the training, their work, day to day routines as well as the human handlers that work with these amazing dogs.

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Are all police dogs Belgian Malinois or German Shepherds? You might be surprised. What is a dual purpose dogs and why do some police departments use them and others don’t? Are police dogs converted from sport protection dogs such as Schutzhund, mondio ring and French Ring or are they specifically trained for the job? There are so many things to learn from this great conversation between two dog lovers, this might end up being your all-time favorite podcast talking about dogs.

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