Larry Krohn and Robert Cabral Uncensored – Ep: 119

This podcast will probably blow up the internet and ruffle many feathers. I had no idea where this conversation would go, in fact I wasn’t even sure if we were gonna do a podcast. Larry was in town getting ready for a seminar, so I took him to a favorite beach spot to have a beer and some fish tacos. Then we thought, what the heck, let’s talk! Our conversations are always like minded, entertaining and meaningful. I’m blessed to count this guy as a very close friend, comrade, fellow dog trainer and more! We often laugh at the same stuff, get frustrated at the same issues and always value each other.

I can honestly say I feel like I’ve known him for so long, even though it’s only bee a few years. We connected through a mutual respect in dog training and then found out we grew up a few miles from one another in New Jersey. We both moved to the south at one point and we both have the same humor. We also share a true respect and passion for dogs.

This chat delves into so many topics, I’d be remiss to try and list them all here, but some are: ecollar bans, purely positive training, rescue dogs, dog trainer certification, ethics in training, haters and SOOOO much more.

NO matter what you’re looking for, you will either LOVE or HATE this podcast, I hope you’ll make it all the way through, because it takes a sudden turn right around the 1 HOUR mark!

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