Member Questions 1-7-22

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Patti S

Got a mal that is reactive to items with wheels, so cars, bikes, etc. A trainer got him to leave cars alone with a shock collar and a muzzle. Is there another way?

Laura S

Hi Robert, I’ve been working on leash training for about 3 months. I’m using a long line and we are down to about 6ft. How do I handle the last few feet? I’ve been luring her to walk beside me with treats but as soon as she gets the treat she jumps right ahead and walks in front. Suggestions? Thanks!


Hi, Just realized that I sent you the questions on the wrong forum sorry for that.

The question was about my dog chasing while on leash. He gets crazy when seeing a rabbit and starts running chasing while on leash, Any idea how to fix that?


Hello Robert, thanks for the support! I am a dog trainer in Brazil and I need help. A client has four bulldogs and I have been training them for one month, five times a week. They always try to fight when they see each other. I have been using hard leash corrections during all this time, ando also e-collar, they are better now, but especially the two of them are still very aggressive when they see each other. Thanks a lot for your time and attention.

ps. one of them have already killed a dog

Emma D

Hi Robert and Janet, My 6 month male Mali has been always reactive when we go for walks, he tries to nip/barks/lunges if someone come near me or my husband, but if someone has a dog with, he gets really friendly and comfortable. We got a trainer to work with us, we are doing some exercise around people, like hand feed around strangers, heel,side changes,quick sits… He is getting better slowly…Is there anything else that I can do? We live in a big city, there are people everywhere! Thank you!


Hi Robert, my GSD has a big problem with a dog walking behind us. I mean he generally reacts to dogs but worst when a dog is following us. I tried to correct him simply at the end of the leash and to go straight ahead without looking back, but despite repeated corrections he still looks back constantly. Often he then stops frozen or crosses me so I can no longer correct him effectively or jumps on his back legs – and finally he starts barking and going crazy. any tips?


Hey Robert – I understand the importance of using feeding time to train a puppy. At what month in the puppies life would you incorporate meal time with training?


How do you know which tool is best to use on a dog? I only have a prong and e-collar and have never tried anything else like a slip lead or choke chain, but I’m wondering how you know which tool is best for a particular dog.


My 13 week old Mal does great with sit and down. When can she start training to execute those commands where she happens to be versus coming to me and then doing them? (Clearly shes wanting the treat). Do you recommend tethering her to train that or put her on her “place” and backing away before commanding? Thanks Robert.


Greetings Robert and Janet. Monday we had to put our 10 year old AmStaff to sleep. We got her when our son was born, and they’d been together everyday since. So, it has been rough. My question is about my current GSD. He goes everywhere with me from sun up until bedtime. My wife and son (and myself honestly) are interested in another GSD. Do you feel it is likely or unlikely that I would damage the bond with my current GSD by incorporating another pup into our routine? Thank you / best wishes!


I walk my 4 month GSD mix with a 30ft line and harness in a remote northern environment. In the open she changes direction at the end of the line but when I have to keep her close she pulls a lot, posing a danger to me as a small 56yr old woman. Treats are not an option now as I have to wear heavy gloves. She has no interest in toys during these walks. I hesitate to teach her not to ever pull in harness because I plan to do canicross-style hiking with her eventually. How should I approach this?

Charissa R

I’ve got a dog who while he’s very motivated to work for me loves his tug playing fetch and learning new stuff.

He tried biting me when I first got him, I was unloading him from my jeep and reaching for a bag on my side.

My issue is he just bit my mom rather seriously and she says he didn’t even tense up before latching on but did let go when she yelled. What should I be doing to help mitigate this behavior? He’s done this since I first got him and the previous owners insist it’s something new.


I asked a question last week that I’m following up on.

1. I have a puppy who barks at noise, the doorbell, people, and dogs on sight. You recommended a bark collar. Should she wear it in the house all the time? What if she sees a person out the window and barks? Will it create a negative experience? Which collar do you recommend?

2. My three yr old dog barks at the doorbell and when people enter. I will practice people ignoring her inside. What should I do when she hears the doorbell?

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