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Hi Robert, I’m a keen follower of your training videos, thank you for all your work!!! Quick question: Which one is better for a dog – a slat mill or a carpet mill? Also, at what age can a dog use it? Thanks again, appreciate it a lot!

tim p

Hi I have a 9 week old puppy and I was wondering if I should or is it ok limit his water? potty training outside every 45 mins but he’s still wetting inside. thank you for your time, tim


My 14 m/o male GSD will only obey commands from myself. I moved into a new home with a roommate and have tried teaching him how to handle him, but he isn’t having much success. If he jumps on the couch, I give a stern “off” and he jumps off. If I’m in the same room and see him do it, I’ve been watching my roommate give the same command, but my dog will not obey and instead look at me. Sometimes he will not obey until I stand up as if I’m going to correct him. Would an e collar help here?

Danielle L

We brought home a 9 week old GSD, both his parents are imported from Czech. He has been going great, however, yesterday and today when we he was picked up (because he didn’t want to walk) he growled. Once at me and once at my 7 year old daughter. I’m not entirely sure how to correct since he is so young. He’s only done this a couple times but I’m concerned it will become a habit.

Mattie b

Mavis, the Black and Tan English shepherd, latches onto my arm and gets aggressive when anything new is introduced or just because you want to be with her in a companion capacity in the yard. We are unable to be with her outside of working/obedience training or when contained within familiar boundaries. 6 1/2 months old. 10 days into your program. Mavis is so fast and we are not millisecond fast enough! My question is when she does go prey drive mad, one half a second to the next half a second, how does one get her off of one’s arm. Seriously. Thanks, Mattie and Mavis


Im working with a GSD that pretty much has no reaction to the ecollar. The main goal with this dog is for him to have super reliable recall and obedience off leash. He lives on 40 acres with lots of distractions. Was hoping to put the ecollar to good use but the dog has no reaction to it. So far i’ve tried levels 0-60/100. If tapped once, zero reaction. If stim is held, the dog treats it like an itch. Prongs are touching his skin and its fitted correct. He ignores the vibration too. I’m confused.


Hi Robert. Inadvertently we are placed in situations where our dog has to be alone for a day. First call is to get a sitter. Sometimes we have left her at a home style daycare that has around 12-15 dogs. The owners manage the dogs according to age and they are supervised by staff members, however can’t shake the feeling that it’s much like a dogpark in terms of developing bad behaviours due to being able to run amok. What is your opinion on daycare?

Bob W

Our 2 year old rescue terrier mix is high energy but friendly to all people and non-aggressive to other dogs. When she sees a squirrel or bunny while walking she gets very agitated and lunges on the leash. If I see the critter ahead of time I can get her attention and keep her under control but if the critter surprises us she goes out of control. I want to help her succeed while training but cant totally avoid these situations on walks where I live. What do you recommend?


Hi Robert. Are CBD and Glucosamine beneficial to use? My dog is a very active working dog and I would like to make sure his joints stay as healthy as possible. What are your views on these kinds of supplements? Thanks.

mahala c

Robert, I’m looking for information on helping my Malinois and Dutchie gain muscle mass for more strengous activities. Both my dogs are good weight for being under 2 & most info is for bully breeds. I’ve seen some of your vids on how to help with muscles, but do you have info on how to use weight gain or supplements with food to help? They eat Victor brand & some raw but meat inflation prices can make that hard. Any info would be helpful!

Michael G

I have a 7 month old Mal, he is a great dog. Of course he learns quickly, he does combo obedience moves like sit, stand, down, spin, center heel and heel in any variation. His come and heels are slack. he’s not always quick with those, how can I sharpen those skills so he’s like lightning when called?


7 month Border, she loves to play fetch, when we are alone she plays and plays, running to the ball and bringing it back. Once another dog arrives on the scene she continues to look excited to get the ball but when I throw it if the other dog even motions towards it she lets that dog go and get it, or if she knows the dog is running behind her during a run to the ball she will give up and let the other dog get it. Feel like she is submitting to them, anything i can do here?

Ric and Tracy

Hi – we are fostering a GSD rescue who is somewhere between 5-8 years old, hoping to adopt. We didn’t know anything about Looch when we took him. He’s an AMAZING dog with few bad habits except one critical for our family – he has a very high prey drive, and we haven’t been able to introduce him to our cat Milo yet because as soon as he sees Milo he completely loses it. Milo is curious and wants to engage. Looch’s tail is wagging, but he’s lungeing, stamping, barking and scary. Help?

Hollis S

(AKC)The “head up, very close “heeling with a prance is currently in favor with many judges. But there is a deduction for “crowding.” At what point does “competition heeling” become crowding? 

Currently is in F.


Hi Robert 

You often say that Mals should not be corrected for barking or snapping since it can lead to worse problems. I have neighbors and I won’t allow my 7mo Mal to bark. If the QUIET command/covering the cage doesn’t work, smacking the cage usually works. I also correct him if he barks in the car or outside, grabbing him by the scruff until he’s calm if he doesn’t listen/follow food. 

Can you elaborate what problems such corrections can cause? What is a better way to stop such behaviors?


I have watched your videos since my 9-mo old female working GSD was 5-months. She was experiencing fear aggression, but with your help she has improved her aggressive behavior by a magnitude. After many good experiences, I was confident enough with her to allow relatives to visit and it was a near disaster. While in a relaxed setting one night, she charged my relative and nipped her clothing twice. With more instruction, can I ever have confidence in her again or at 9-mo is it now too late?

 oldSAP Charlie

Naimbag Nga Aldaw Robert and Janet. My 2.5yr old Mal has nipped 2 people in separate instances. Both were triggered by a Shihtzu packmate who was barking at the person. He is mild mannered and will listen when I call him off. 

The video below shows my niece suddenly picking up our shihtzu from behind, startling the dog and barked at her. My 2 mals responded and 1 nipped her. How should I handle this? 

Diyos Ti Ag Ngina. 


Hey Robert, how do I explain to my girlfriend why my mal shouldn’t be able to just say hi to other dogs when passing on walks? Loki (2y/o) is very calm when faced with dog aggression. On two occasions he’s been bitten by other dogs and did not retaliate by fighting. My girlfriend thinks its mean that I don’t let him say hi, sniff, or play with other dogs (except family dogs). He just got bit on the neck by a Doberman today because she let him stop and “say hi” (I’m out of town). Any advice?

Loretta P

You mentioned something recently about not letting a dog sleep near your head. Could you elaborate? My dog actually likes to sleep between the wall and my pillow.

William S

Robert, what is your position on ABI training with a Belgain Malinois? I’m getting counter opinions. I’ve been allowing Devi to softly bite me and telling her when it hurts and then stop playing, Your take? Thank you for all you do my brother.

Michelle B

Robert have you heard of Jay Jack & GRC? Would love your thoughts on it if you have 😊 Thanks. 

Also, just a thank you for your Bound Angels course! Can’t wait to take it!!


I have somehow made the mistake of training my pup to make eye contact for a second and then he immediately looks for the toy/treat/my hands to get a reward. How can I fix this? I have made sure to use both hands equally when giving treats. I use my praise as a reward, I’m really not sure how I messed this up. Should I start from scratch with a different term like “watch” instead of “look”? I really want to get some duration of the command before I release him. Thanks so much for all the help!


Hi, I have a 18 month old mal that is very well behaved when we are not around him but with us he is over protective. He also has some confidence issues (we have been told). He is very good with us otherwise in our house (and very obedient). He is just a little unpredictable on a leash with us (outside). Any ideas what we can do?

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