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Beth W

First thank you for your response to resource guarding. One thing I want to clarify on re giving our GSD chews and growling. Totally on board and will correct growling as you’ve said. The thing that I am still uncertain with is the frozen behaviour where she will stare at me & the treat or chew and not take it while drooling cos she wants it so much but is too scared (?) to. I have never removed treats from or taunted her. Is correcting this also the way to go? And saying “no” sharply until she snaps out of it and takes it? Or removing it until she decides she wants it more than stubbornness?


Mr. Cabral, I have watched all your training videos on basic, advance training and how to use the e-collar. I want to know if it is okay to use the e-collar for aggression only, since my 1yr. old Cattle Dog mix knows all her commands. She becomes aggressive with toys, and food towards me and my other dogs. I have been bitten me a few times. I tried to get her to stop this behavior by taking the time to switch out toys and bones with her but, she is still aggressive at times. Any instructions and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ailene


How do I create peace in my house especially since I have two dogs and I work from home.



I do one three German Shepherds and I train them IGP.

Luckily it is easy for me to engage my dogs and make theme exited for training with me. But they start wining and vocalising because of exitement. I do not want to correct it, because first of all it is no a fault to be exited for working with me and secound I do not know if they really realise that they are making noice…? Any advice for keeping them engaged but stop whining?

(Please excuse my bad english…)


Hi, I just got a 3000USD fine due to my dog’s disturbing neighbors with his barking at night, I managed to get an EZ Educator e-collar (although its illegal in KSA) but im desperate, before starting with the ecollar I took him out to train the basics around distractions using a flat buckle collar & it was 50% disastrous, normally we’d train using a prong collar & it would be great but now without it he knows he can get away with it, I want to use the vibration feature to stop the barking, can I do it? Whats your advice & what do u think of the EZ Educator? He’s 3 yrs old GSD intact


Just adopted Genna, a 1.5 yo pup, from a shelter. She is great indoors, no barking and is pretty chill in general. If she sees another dog in public, she will pull and bark until I get her a distance away. I am able to take her to the shelter I got her from to interact with other dogs if I want. They have play areas and a large open area separate from other dogs. Should I allow her playtime with other dogs and then work with her or only let her play when she calms down? I’ve had her about 2 weeks and am working with her on basic commands. I need more training than she does, I’m sure.

Katalin L

Dear Mr. Cabral, our 11 month old rhodesian puppy started some weeks ago to eat fallen nuts from the ground, among ivy leaves. She is like crazy, can not be stoped. While she is eating the nuts, she doesn’t come to us when we call her, she just chews and swallows the nuts with the shell, which she then vomits. When we try to go to her to take the nuts, she runs and jumps, so we can’t even catch her. What can be done to stop this ? We are very scared because she is vomiting every day and does not listen to us at all. Thank you very much for your answer, advice and your ideas!, Katalin.

Lynda H

We recently accumulated 2 mal pups after they showed up at our property. Nobody looked for them, and we couldn’t let them go to a shelter, we have land and the means to rescue them so we decided to keep them. We have had a Mali before so we are familiar with the breed. However, 2 (male and female) is a bit challenging. What is the best way to be successful? Do we keep them separated for the most part (besides the obvious) Two Kennels? Separate training etc? I have so many questions. Do you do consults? I want to make sure we start things off right. They are estimated at 14 weeks. Thank you

Quality Mike

Co-workers dog. They are in North Dakota. I suggested more exercise and more activities. Treadmill for cold days and Agility training. If left alone, she will dig, (carpet, dirt, or car seats), until her paws bleed. She used to go in a crate, but now she will dig or bite the door until she can get out. I suggested to re-introduce her to the crate slowly, since she cannot be left in the car alone. Sage has a buddy, Raven, same breed and does none of the destructive behavior. The are outside hunting dogs, but the are kept in a climate controlled environment. Son is back, same behavior.


Hi Robert. My mal is 2 years now and never had food protection issues. This morning I gave him a pig year for the first time ever and he refused to drop it when I asked him. He always ran away from me. I tried to trade with him with another pig ear he refused. I gave him a raw bone afterwards for the first time too. He didn’t run away but growled a bit when i pet his head. I told him no he stopped. No issue of taking bone away. I wonder is it normal? How do I make things better? Thank you!


Hi Robert, last week I asked about the proper timing for saying “yes” in the recall. I have been saying, “Donato come” and as he turns to come I say yes. You said to say yes when he gets to me bc it’s his release but I use “okay” as my release word. Should I still be saying yes when he gets to me or when he turns to come?


Hi Robert I saw your recent videos on protection sport. Do you have a tutorial on using the E-Collar to build arousal without causing suppression or confusion? I’m looking to build more power and to have the dog perceive it as a positive. Thank you!

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