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Showing teeth when corrected at times. No snap. Almost like a temper tantrum. Obedience is great. Everyday obedience. Not new to dogs so not afraid of stern correction. Have had German Shepherds, Cowdogs and Staffies in my long life.

Tommy A

Halo to everyone in the Cabralian household. I want to use a vibration collar to get a silent recall when the dog is out of sight. The dog’s already have a good recall, I just want to add recall by vibration. I have a idea how to do this, but your thoughts is always very welcome. Do you know a good vibration collar without a E-collar function. E-collar is not legal for this type of training in Norway


My 16 month old Border Collie is friendly with other dogs. But she does not want other dogs approaching me or even their own owner. She will try to block them by squeezing herself in between. If the dog doesn’t back off she will bite it. A trainer told me this is common for BCs. I asked the trainer if we could practise with her dog but she said her own BC resource guards her, so can’t do this. She suggested treats when dog approaches. Doesn’t work as she then fears that other dog will eat them.

Ed (Ronin Dog)

Is marking treated differently than house breaking. My 7 mo intact male rottie is very loving, deferent, with a healthy dose of spunk. He has free access to a doggy door in the basement but often asks me to go with him. If I don’t, he may do it on the inside a feet or 2 by that door. I also find the occasional small dry squirt in the wooden floor or tile. Is this last part marking? How is it addressed? BTW he, the neutered pitbull and the intact female rottie are all besties now. Thank you!!!!!


Hi Robert! Thank you for all your work! I have a 2 year old gsd. Due to my ignorance at that time, from a BYB. We have been managing his reactivity to other dogs since he was 7 months old. Recently he started growling slightly at people that he has known forever. Like my next door neighbor. He approaches happily but when they extend a hand to pet him, he growls. He does not meet random people. He will be 2 in March. Isn’t he too old for adolescent shenanigans? How to deal with this? Thank you!

Alan N

What is the best way to introduce my dog to her Dogtra barking collar aside from having her wear it turned off for a few days? Also, when is it the most appropriate and fair to use (main issues: she barks at other dogs when in the car – deafening and hard to stop while driving); in yard as she barks at neighbor and passing by skiers/walkers/dogs

Thank you.


Hi Robert! My mom’s Czech shepherd growing up was an amazing schutzhund, family and protection dog. We are a military family in San Diego! I see mals and shepherds around every corner and many aren’t well behaved or trained. Many with nerve and aggression problems. I want to be smart in picking my own “Ruger” (my mom’s dog). How do I go about educating myself on good lines, good traits and reliable trainers to help me? I’m patient & want to feel well informed so I pick poorly.


Hello, I’ll be bringing home an 8wk old Mal/Dutchie. I have multiple crates and an ex-pen, I also have a cat, Henry, that has been neutral/kind (no hissing or swatting so far) to other dogs in my home. I am curious about integrating the puppy & Henry, and if the Henry pacing or being curious on the outside of the crates/pens will be unfair/frustrating to the new puppy. I can separate Henry in the house if needed, curious if I should limit exposure etc? Any other tips for integration?


I have a dutch shepherd who is particularly drivey. When we train with treats or tugs, she is so excited that she “overachieves”. Her movements are fast and uncalculated and her frustration is through the roof. How can I help her be more clear headed when we train?


Hello! New to membership and grateful for all of your training and your love for dogs! We have a 13 week gsd/Mal mix and when we go out to pottie (in the -15° winter weather) she pulls so hard to eat everything in sight (leaves, plants, digging to find dead mice, etc). This pulling is exacerbated when the dogs next door come out… I’ve trained focus, luring, shaping from your videos but it’s like she doesn’t hear me when she’s outside… any suggestions would be much appreciated!


My gsd mix has a habit of flailing her front legs around when I tell her ‘down’ aka if she is within a foot of me,she scrapes her nails down my leg when I tell her to lay down. she is leaving scratches and bruises all over me.i taught her down from standing but she still tries to sit first which i think is the cause of the flailing trying to retrain her to lay down from standing,but she still does the flailing/scratching paws even when standing. I often can’t always step away in time. Help


Is it too early to introduce a “choke chain” at 8 weeks old for a German shepherd ?


Hey Robert, are any of your dogs neutered, and why? Also, a quick question. In a pack of dogs where there are a lot of females, would male dog try to mate all females or just the alpha one? We have 3 dogs, male, female and 1.8yo female pup of those two and male wants to mate the pup, we keep them separately now. Don’t ask, messed up situation, anyway, thanks for being here and providing great information, learned literally everything there is from you, keep it up and keep being honest, it’s rare!


My 14m old mal when corrected for lunging and barking at other dogs/people will sometimes redirect and lunge at and bite me. This primarily occurs with one neighbor and her dog after she tried to forcefully introduce them when my dog was in heat. I have her on a prong and ecollar, and will pop her and say let’s go when 20ft+ away, but if the neighbor talks to us/gets closer, she will lunge and then redirect it at me if I correct her or keep walking away. She only stops with high shocks. Tips?


Hey Robert, my 1.5 year old mal has really been messing up my love life with my girlfriend. If we even hug, he barks at us and jumps up on us never allowing us to be affectionate. Whenever we try to crate him to have alone time, he barks. We would just let him go until he tires himself out but we have neighbors. Any advice on how to start structuring correcting this? We tried a sport-dog collar but it didn’t do anything. We’re currently looking for a stronger e-collar as ours is cheap. Thank you


Good morning, Buddy is going to get his third visitor on Saturday. We bought a see-through kennel and have done your training and he is doing good. He has not been inside with a visitor in the house. ? How do I proceed when the contractor comes to the house. His kennel is in the line of sight when we enter the house. Should we move his kennel or keep it where it’s at. 131 characters left. Hope you and your wife are safe. Really enjoy the chat and videos, watch them every night. Thank you. Rosey

Kathy U

I’ve been working with my 14 month old Brittany for 12 months to loose leash walk. Positive training didn’t stop the pulling. A trainer suggested a prong collar recently. I read that the dog should only have collar on for 1 hr., but I can’t get her not to pull without the prong collar or a half hitch. How can I train her to walk and what is a safe time limit for the collar. She has a small neck and the collar was fitted by a trainer but can still move which causes her hair to wear down.


Hi Robert, what should I do with my 6 month old female GSD inside the house? She digs, scratches, or chews the furniture, is this normal? Is it okay if I keep her in a crate when we are all in the room but not playing with her? She likes her crate & sleeps in it quietly in her own room during the night (10pm -7am), is this okay?


Hi, I’m using a prong collar on my 1yr old GSD & its been working great I’ve been training him on recalls out on the streets & he’s been doin well during the past 10 days today as it was time to go home I opened the door to the house dropped the leash & called him in but he decided to blow me off & run I remembered your advice not to chase him so i walked away into the house & when he didn’t see me anymore he came in, should I correct him when he got back for blowing me off or reward him for coming.

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