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Can E collars, get interference from other collars or radio devices? My dog yelped in town once for seemingly no reason and I took his E collar off out of suspicion then a few minutes later saw two children with walkie talkies. Could that be why or just a coincidence? My dog was laying down at the time so an ant or something could possibly have bitten him but he made it sound quite severe! I have E Collar Tech’s mini educator. Thanks!


Robert & Janet, 

Howdy! And thanks for taking questions here with your AMA segments. 

We are training our 20 week-old Border Terrier to tolerate being in a crate while alone (One of us is usually around during the day, so she has not had much practice being left alone.). We put her in her crate without any fuss and give her a frozen Kong to work on while we are away. This seems to be helpful. 

Question for each of you: what are your favorite frozen Kong recipes for teething puppies?? 

Thanks again, 


Jordon T

Hi Robert, 

I’ve had my 9 week GSD 10 days. At times I’ve issued stronger corrections than I should out of frustration with the puppy and regret it immediately. He tore off a piece of a plastic poop bag and was eating it and would not give it up. I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me firmly to get it out. Also when I try to take his leash/collar off and he attacks my hand. I firmly grabbed him and corrected him with a collar pull to get him to allow me to take the leash off. I am worried I’ve already messed up our trust/relationship for IPO, should I be concerned or will he move on.

Wendy S

Hi Robert – I have a 6 year old Malinois that is my sport dog & is very well trained. My fear is what to do if I run into an aggressive off leash dog. This is why I no longer walk my small dogs in the neighborhood. Neighbors on both sides have had dogs badly injured by off leash dogs. So – how do I handle this? I am a 54 year old woman who is in good shape, but in no way will I be able to handle a fight. Really weighs heavy on my mind. Also, what can I do to break up a fight?


I adopted my pitbull/boxer mix about 3 months ago and they had been giving her Trazodone 100mg daily. After adopting her I cut her doses down for about 2 weeks and eventually stopped giving it. (what would you recommend for the dogs health) Also if you could recommend some dog exercises, i take her on 10-15 minute walks, train with meals, 2-3 kongs a day in the crate. Yet she still seems to have bursts of energy that results in happy biting. She is exactly 1 year and 1 month old. She listens to commands, If possible I will try to take a video of her biting and send it. Thanks!


Hi Robert & Janet 

This is an odd question, but here goes. My 17mth male GSD is very reactive to my husbands adult son, jumping up on him, whining and constantly picking up his shoes and clothing. He takes him for walks etc but no discipline or training. It’s not his duty anyway. Luke loves the son but goes nuts over him. Could it be “male” phermones that are triggering my dogs excitement for him? My husband had prostate cancer and treatment in 2019/2020 leaving him phermone-less. I know no other way to put it. I suggested to his son that he be neutered and we all laughed. HELP please.

Aaron H

Hi Robert! Aaron Hersey from CostaRica (Central America). I have a 7 month old Malinois, I have trained him using your methods,he knows the basics, also leg weave, walking in between and other tricks. Current problem: I’m feeling my dog is getting bored when we train, I’m not getting that excitement needed to make new moves or publish his current commands. I also lose his focus when we are outside of our house. He loves to play ball but its hard for him to focus on commands if I have the ball in hand, he just expects me to throw, if I get him to do something its really slow. How can fix this?

Jac C

Hi Robert – I have a 16 week old working line GSD. She’s very interested in other and it challenges her focus when we’re out training. How can I train her to be neutral towards/ignore other dogs?

Robert And Hayley

Hello Robert. I have to say you are an amazing person, your love for animals is so pure and special; it shows. My wife and I just got our first puppy, German Shepherd Long Coat we picked him up on 11/10/2022. I have taught him to sit and take a treat nicely without taking our hand with it. Crate training is still on-going and he is fine with it so far. I have been trying to teach him more but he has turned super duper hyper do you have a start to finish training series from say potty training to winning gold in a dog show or do you have a list of how to train start to finish. 



Hey Robert – I have a 2 1/2 year old male GSD/Mal mix. He is a great dog and has come a long way since we first got him (thanks to your training techniques). However, he has never been able to settle down outside of his crate. When not crated he will roam the house jump on the couch and want pets from me but will not just lay down and sleep unless we put him in the crate. When he is out for too long he will start barking at things he see’s outside the window or start humping a pillow. Is there any hope that as he ages he will be able to settle down outside the crate?


Hi Robert I sent a question last week about my Great Dane. Just wanted to clarify whether you have known dogs to grow out of dog/human reactivity with consistent training as the dog ages? currently feeling exhausted with our training routines and it would really be helpful if there was some reassurance for that light at the end of the tunnel if you think there is at all. Love your videos!

Nikki R

A few weeks ago you had mentioned giving raw bones to help teach my pup to calm down or settle when in the house. Can you please tell me what kind of bones you recommend for an 18 week old Malinois GSD and a 10.5 year old GSD mix? I have asked my vet but they say to not feed raw anything (still looking for a good vet in our new location). I would like to start giving raw bones but I also don’t want to break any teeth. Any advice is always appreciated, and thank you for your time 🙂

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