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I notice that the Dr. Mercola Meal Mix is unavailable, do you know a good alternative? I have been using it but it is now unavailable.


Hello. I started living with a 9 weeks old Border Collie puppy 4 days ago. I’ve already shouted “NO” a couple of times while she was biting something in the house and also “GO TO YOUR PLACE.” Then I rewarded her. It worked. She is very smart. But she had a terrified snout. I’m a little afraid of making other mistakes. 

How many “single episodes” can affect the behavior of my Border Collie? Do I have a margin of error?


I have a shelter rescue who is exhibiting fear-based resource guarding of me. He does not like people taking him away from me. I watched your video on resource guarding. Please know I have structure and he is very obedient with me. I have 100% recall. I have taught him not to fence fight. Don’t chase the horses sit stay come leave it down and he is crate trained. I am able to take bones and toys from him. I seeked out a trainer which has made it worse. They grabbed the leash and took him from me. And he jumped and growled at them. What am I missing and what else can I do?


My question was essentially this:  How can we get shelters to provide supportive training after we have already adopted a dog?  I went to San Diego Humane Society on January 4 to see if I could find a dog to train as a service dog for a mobility impaired individual (me–74 year old lady).  I went looking for a collie or shepherd mix around 50 pounds.  I ended up two hours later with a huge black GSD/Malamute 104 pound dog.  He was way too strong for me to handle.  But the videos from both Robert Cabral and Joel Beckman worked.  I have never had a more well trained dog.  But I cannot give him the cardiovascular exercise he needs.

Any other person who was not as stubborn as I was would have returned this dog to the shelter. We live in a 540 square food apartment with no yard.  I try to take him to the baseball field and throw tennis balls (or toys) he just looks at me as if to say “You threw it–now you go fetch it”. The dog park is a nightmare.  I always have to leave the leash dragging so someone else will step on it when I need to catch him.  He acts like he has no idea who I am.

This message is much longer that the original question but at least I got most of it in.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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