Member Questions 12-28-21

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Hi Robert, my 1 yr old gsd gets excited to play & initiates it by jumping & biting anything he can grab e.g. my hair! When doing so he’d be waiving his tail which seems to me that it’s something that makes him happy however when he bites I would give him a nudge on the leash & when it doesn’t work out I turn around & walk away, how would I know in this situation if he’s being aggressive or just overly enjoying my suffering?


Merry Christmas to all! I am starting to volunteer as a trainer at a local shelter. It’s foster-based, so I’ll have access to dogs while waiting for a foster home. They get lots of puppies (low spay/neuter here). What are the most important behaviors I should focus on? It is a heavily wooded rural area so I have limited access to open ground for LLW. I can’t wait until you have your shelter course ready to go! (BTW, Lance is doing great w/ people. Now I’m working on his fear of buildings.)


I live about 21/2 to 3 hours away from where I pick up my puppy. Should I hold him or put him in a crate?

Tod W

I have a six month old female Milionis and loving her!! hired a trainer and had no idea how much I could love her. I feed her about two cups of kibbles in the morning and a prepared raw meat, veg and nutritious meal in the evenings. I basically fill her bowl up at night. She is not fat but not thin. What percentages of each item and amount should I feed her. I exercise her with work and play at least twice to three times daily. Any direction is appreciated. I love your training! You are AWESOME


For 6 weeks I have used only “yes” with my 3.5 month GSD mix. We are working heel by rewarding after “yes” as we continue and it’s going great. To transition to “good” as bridge with “yes” as release, should I reward after “good” to maintain the heel distances we have been doing, or say “good” with no reward and do shorter distances? I guess I could keep “yes” as my bridge and choose another release word, but I think using the same markers as in the videos will help me learn. What do you think?


Hello how do you make a magnetize ball to us with your training vest


Hello and good day Sir, My name is John and I have a 1 year old mal. I have been bringing him to a trainer once a week for a year which costs me $100 per hour. I am currently looking at getting him into French ring because I feel he has what it takes and I want the best for my pup. My trainer is telling me I have to attend training 4 to 5 times a week. I’m willing to put in the work and succeed in my goals with my mal but want to know if I have to train with a trainer 4 to 5 times a week?


Hi Robert! Our 8month GSD is doing very well with his training, but my partner, Nellie is his person. She is going away for a few weeks, and I was wondering what tip you could give me to help him accept that I will be his main handler for a while. He is doing very well, but his general obedience is much better with her than with me. Thanks for your time, Phil.


Hi. I Hope to get advice ☺️ 3 year old BC-Mix. When i‘m walking with her in Heel-Position it often Happens That she breaks position to avoid a piece of ground she has to Walk over (for example a leaf on a Patch of Grass). After we passed the „dangerous“ part she comes Right back into Position. How would be the best way to solve the Problem? Cause if i try to get her to walk over it, she gets more and more afraid. And it‘s not always the same. Most times I can’t even see what scares her.

Heather K

I am wanting to upgrade to an e-collar that I can use for my two German shepherds. Looking for good suggestions. Thank you

Lois H

Maggie (GSD) just turned one year old. She is typically very high energy. I walk her off leash in the desert for an hour every morning where I let her get ahead and practice recalls for exercise. We also play ball during the day. Lately around 4pm she has started doing amazing laps along the wall, in loose gravel, in our backyard. Is this too much for her young joints?


My 6 month old Malinois has a habit of whining and barking when I either leave or enter my house. She is kenneled and trained 3-4 times a day with various exercises. Anything I can do to stop her from whining or barking?


Hi Robert. A few weeks ago I asked about possible protection work training for my 10 month old GSD, Kai. We had him boarded over the holiday where the trainer works from. She was going to evaluate him, but he was nervous around the bite work equipment, so they stopped. She suggested reevaluating when I’m around as he might react differently. He was also very skittish during his stay at the kennel. Would you suggest I still reevaluate him, wait until he matures more, or not move forward?

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