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my dog has only the left eye so shouldn’t I teach him to walk mainly on my right side so he can see me?

Oliver S

Hi Robert, our German Shepherd puppy (5 1/2 months old) started to get aggressive toward my wife last night after dinner. She gets very hyper after dinner, and we take her out of her playpen to hang with us. Recently, she started aggressively biting my wife’s arms, legs, and feet. 

When my wife corrects her (collar grip and hold on the floor), she calms down for a moment but afterward seems even more aggressive. We exercise her every day (walks, obedience training, playtime), and we had her mouthing under control. What do you suggest to stop this behavior? Thanks!


My 1.5yo girl pitbull/staff mix Zazu, is possessive of me, fearful, has already attacked another dog. My partner has a 5yo well-behaved female Belgian Shep, Lola. Zazu has a pushy, aggressive play style which has led to 3 fights, Zazu now wears a muzzle. In the last one, my partner had to kick Zazu off Lola twice. Both are not aggressive in general.We are working on establishing structure. We go for walks together daily. We also started conditioning Zazu to an e-collar. We want the two to at least tolerate each other without attacks. We would appreciate any guidance on how we can improve this.


Hi Robert, my GSD walks very structured on a loose leash on our daily walk. But as soon as we go a new way (i.e. a new street or new place) he doesn’t really seem to be able to concentrate but is constantly with his nose on the ground and very curious/excited – it’s not that he then pulls extremely but that leash often stretches. I often just go the other way and let him correct himself at the end of the leash, but as soon as I try to go straight ahead again, he’s again excited and unfocused again. Do you have a tip for me?

Joe D

Hi Robert, I’ve been using a long line when walking my 6 mos. old GSD puppy and it has been much better than when I used a 6 ft. leash. There are still two issues I wonder if you have any ideas for. One is she will bite at my legs when walking and the other is she chases her tail and spins in circles when chasing it. I know you normally do not correct when they are close to you so I want to make sure I handle the biting at my legs issue correctly and not sure of the proper way to deal with it. And how do I deal with the tail chasing? Usually I let her do it for a little then say lets go.

Nicole L

I have a 5 month old GSD who is actively teething. He will lunge at me and try to mouth at times. A few people I know have recommended spraying him with water from a spary bottle when he does this. I know that he will outgrow it but is this something you recommend to try and make the behavior stop earlier or should I just. hang in there 🙂


Hi! Our 10 week old malinois has aggressive behaviors like resource guarding (toys and food). Also, if we try to correct her when e.g. she’s chewing on furniture, she enters into conflict mode and growls, barks and bites. 

For the resource guarding we started hand feeding and approaching with treats when she picks up something we know she tends to protect. Not sure if that solves the problem by itself in the long run though. For the aggressivity towards correction, we’re not sure, because she should accept corrections but we should avoid conflict. 

Any hints to correct these? 

Thanks, Miguel

Lane M

Dog eating poop. How to stop this nasty habit

Chris T

Robert, Our 11 week old GSD is extremely vocal and barks whenever we are feeding him or whenever we start our training sessions. It seems to be mainly out of excitement for food or treats. He is great with his obedience but will bark throughout his training. He seems to be extremely high drive which makes him eager to train. Should we work to correct his barking or is it something that will subside over time. He also seems to never be able to get enough food. We are currently feeding him 2 cups of food per day spread out between 4 feedings. Thank you for all your help!

oldSAP Charlie

Good day Robert & Janet. My 10mo old female Mal seem late to mature, she acts like a 5mo old still. It also takes her 3-5x longer to learn something vs my older male Mal. Is this normal? One big problem while on walks is she keeps on picking things up and eat them, small stones, sticks, everything. I’ve started correcting this by popping the leash when I got her at 4mo old but she still does it and she’s fast! I feed her good. Enough for her caloric needs. We train and play everyday. Thank you and Happy New Year Robert and Janet!


Hi Robert, I have a working line GSD who is 17 weeks old. I walk him, train and play for probably 3 hours a day total even after that when I let him out of our play pen, he acts like a high drive dog by biting us and chewing everything he’s not supposed to. Is this not enough activity for him? It’s driving my wife (who already isn’t a fan of him) really crazy.

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