Member Questions 2-21-23

Denis N

Hi Robert, I have been doing the down on recall training with my 17 month old male lab Grant for almost a month now. One thing I’ve noticed when I call Grant and say the down command, he travels further towards me and I have to repeat the command several times to make him do it. He ends up lying close to me rather than half way. Can you suggest a way to make him lie down on command or I mean for the whole process to be successful?

Monica O

Any recommendations on how to get a dog to stop barking when he wants something. He loves people and when around a human he loves he will bark at the person. As soon as the person stops giving him affection he begins barking again. We have tried putting him on a leash and giving leash corrections. We have tried person ignoring him, but it does not stop the barking. He can literally bark at my friends for hours. As soon as they pet him he shuts up. They stop he barks. It is driving me nuts.


Hi Robert & hi Janet. I train my malinois Toby several times per day and play with him outside in my garden. However, he wants to go outside again and again but refuses to stay & play outside without a person. Even if Daisy is with him, doesn’t matter and he barks & scratches the door asking me to come out. If I open door to let him come in, he refuses and bark even more. What should I do?


I’m training staff at a large municipal shelter. Any guidance for jumpy and mouthy adult shelter dogs? We get this type a lot. I can get beautiful engagement, but volunteers and kennel staff struggle, and as you know, the dog’s intention doesn’t matter if a tooth scrapes skin they go to quarantine. Even when I’m the handler, sometimes the high jump up and tag with teeth is so fast that I can’t correct because just as quickly the dog is offering a sit with eye contact. Might happen if the dog isn’t getting 100% of the handler’s attention for even a brief moment, or if not treated fast enough


Hi Robert we have a mal x cain corso and she is 2 and a 6mth old male mal she has just had her season and was separated from the pup at times for her to have down time as she would not leave him alone. prior to her going in to season they got along great in the house however now her season is over she will snap at him and has a very low tolerance of him in the house and will go to our room and hide under the covers or in her create on walks she dose not do this and is happy to play and be with him any advise on getting them back on an even footing


My female Malinios is 11months old from a working line. Mika (me-kuh) and I recently moved to Alaska. Before snowfall we were on kenai beach near our home (on lead) doin some training, when an off lead Malmute attacked me, Mika did attempted to protect me, but she was 4months old. I got 43 ditches, Mika’s tongue was split, and she got 9 stitches. She is now very reactive toward other dogs. We train every single day, in public and at home. But I cannot get ahead of her reactive tendencies toward other dogs. We are training for PPD and I need some guidance. Thank you!!!

Chris F

Bia 4 yrs. 

Can you recommend someone in the Dallas Plano area. 

Reactive towards other dogs and sometimes humans. 

And statues of animals. Also horses. We have been together 3 years she is my service animal and I want to learn how to handle this correctly. Any videos you have that shows how to train them for reactiveness. 

Thank you 
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Kyle L

My Malinois Scooby has been in training for a year with fear based aggression and has seen little progress. He recently bit my son on the back of the leg for the second time and I am potentially needing to give him up even though I love him with all my heart. I am so sad and can’t imagine giving him up. I want to continue training but my family thinks i shouldn’t. Most of the rescues and shelters are full that I have contacted. Do you know of anywhere I can send my beautiful Malinois that can continue his training and give him proper love and care? Thank you.

Jen H

Hi! Thank you for your videos, training & help! You are amazing and have been a blessing to us as we learn how to properly train and care for our 8 week old female Belgian Malinois puppy, Angel. 

I watched your tug videos and put it into practice yesterday. I followed your guidance and she did great for the most part. However, two separate times she came off the tug and went for me arm instead to try to tug/bite/teethe. What should I do in those situations? What I did: I remained still, stopped all movement, said NO and then tried to reingage her with the tug toy. Was this correct?


Fiat Thanks for all the work you do for us, it’s really helpful. 

As I have mention I have a malinois that it’s really good working, but I have a stay problem, she does it at home, the park and all but when we are at the agility training it’s like she wants to run now, I have seen the video that says that don’t call the dog over but I don’t know how to do it at the agility field I need her to wait for my call to start


Howdy, Robert and Janet! 

A theoretical or philosophical question for you: How much did man create dog, dog create itself, and/or dog create man? 

What would modern Homo sapiens look like if we did not have our dog companions to help us when we were neophyte hunters, and before agriculture had been developed? 

Probably a subject for a book or two, but I thought it would be fun to hear some of both of your insights and thoughts. 

All the best.


No questions this week, just want to thank you for everything you do and this platform. I’ve learned so much and my 5.5 month old GSD is at the top of his class. He’s used frequently in our group class environment as a demonstration dog and I credit that to you and your videos.

oldSAP Charlie

Hello Robert & Janet. Ive had my 1yr hyper female Mal for 8mos. I train her 3-4x a day. We play tug, some basic bite work too. She also plays with my 3yr old Mal & 4yr old mixed under my supervision. She’s been trained basic obedience and some tricks. Im still proofing the basic obedience because of her energy. I dont want to crush that drive because that’s what I want for our future training lessons. How can I manage her super high energy and redirect it to something more beneficial on walks, training, and teach her to chill? Thank you and God bless. 

Lisa K

My 11 month old GSD (we’ve had 4 months) will get excited and play bite. I’ve tried ignoring him, telling him no and even taking him by the scruff and firmly say no. As soon as I let go he comes back at me biting harder. I know it’s play, but it’s too rough. A trainer said he sees me as a litter mate not a leader. He doesn’t do this to my husband. I have been careful not to “baby”!him and provide firm and clear commands. But he still nips when he’s excited. I do have an e-collar and he will stop when he sees it come out but I don’t want to have to rely in that in the house. TY! Lisa

Lina T

My GSD will be 7y.o.She’sgreat w/pinch collars positioned properly high/ behind ears. I was wondering about transitioning from pinch to an e-collar. Her recall is great as long as I have a long lead on her but as soon as it’s off, her it goes downhill. I think without the lead, she thinks it’s playtime; what are your thoughts? At times, she intentionally gets her paws tangled up on the lead. She was asked to be a demo dog inobedience training,did great but the setting very structured as it should be.I want to keep the training up. What safe newtasks for older dogs? I 

I love your work.


Hello from Canada: I am a 120lb woman with a 20 month GSD. I have had an e-collar unopened in my drawer 1 year. Thx to educational videos & research I finally got my confidence to use it properly 3 days ago. My surprise, the first evening testing inside, I only had to use it once & only used BEEP function he IMMEDIATELY refrained from bullying our 5mth male poodle. Today I tested outside among squirrels & other distractions. Once again he responded by calming down & his demeanor relaxed. I felt I had control. Is this a false security for me? I’m going step by step. Is this too slow?

Shannon C

You talked about wanting to bring the training world together and I think I know one stumbling block. I grew up on a farm with border collies and English shepherds. Look at the dogs most positive only trainers have: border collies are very common. My border collie Victory chased cars until I told her no once sternly. Many borders are THAT sensitive. Do you think that works on my blue heeler? No. See they think they aren’t using negative reinforcement. They are. Borders are just so sensitive; a LOOK can shatter them. I’m not a trainer. Just a herder fanatic. LOL

Tara H

15 month old Malinois. Training for French Ring. He has done scent work, dock diving, agility and barn hunt. His obedience with a leash is very good. Training barn hunt for a couple months now. During the trial he qualified until he would not let me get the collar on him. We were disqualified for him barking and nipping at me. Then another disqualification cause it took me over 5 minutes to get the collar on him. I had absolutely no control. How do I work on unleashed control while he is in drive? I know it is me that needs the training so he will obey at all times but I not sure how.

Rashida J

Hi Robert, Thank you so much for all of the information you’ve shared with me about how to train and nurture my dog. He is amazing because of what I’ve learned from you. This incident happened near me and I am wondering your thoughts.(emerging story so this is only like I have found)
****I’ll address this next week….


After living in a condo, my dog and I moved to a single family home several months ago. Since then, whenever a male visits the house that she doesn’t know, she becomes extremely territorial and aggressive with them. She’ll bark, stand up with her front legs on them and growl, growl when they come near, and have raised hackles. During this state, she will still listen to commands, albeit slower then normal. If she sees me talking to them outside while she is inside, she will stop barking, but will be aggressive if she goes near them again. She is an unspayed Belgian malinois, 2.5 years old.


Started eCollar training with Bleu, 3 years old Mal mix female, my goal is to bullet proof off-leash recall when under strong destruction (rabbit, dogs). She is well behaved when on leash, perfect recall, but when she is off leash she doesn’t respond under strong distraction. I want her to be able to be away from me to chase a ball or explore. She needed small correction when there was no distractions, but when there was a dog she didn’t like the stimulation made it worse. How do I train her with eCollar so she doesn’t associate stimulation/pain with another dog (strong distraction).

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