Member Questions 2-5-22


Robert, do you have any suggestions on how to use the vest with the Lotus ball? Lance is not toy motivated, but I don’t want to risk him accidentally swallowing a magnet with the lotus ball. Thanks!


My 1 year old, male GSD (Echo) was diagnosed with meningitis about 4 months ago. He’s been placed on a lot of medication, pain meds, steroids & muscle relaxers. We hope he’ll be off of all meds within 2 more months. Echo is out of shape because the meds & he wasn’t able to move or walk for almost a month. He’s gained weight, we take him for walks about 4 times a week. I’m wanting to invest in a treadmill, what is the best treadmill for a dog that needs to start off slow & gentle. Thank you


Hello, my 1 y.o. dutchie was introduced to the e-collar by her previous owners and I suspect it was done incorrectly because her body language is very stiff and cautious when she has it on, almost (but not totally) shutting down. I am wanting to reintroduce it because she definitely needs some structure, but I don’t want to hinder my relationship with her. Do you have any tips or strategies for re-learning what the e-collar means? Should I just use the same tactic as if she were new to it?


Hi Robert, I have a 15m old terv, fairly well behaved in general BUT he gets worked up when he sees a cat during our walks and would start chasing it (he can`t because of the leash). I tried corrections but I noticed in that high prey drive a ball works better as channeling the energy. A correction – I felt – puts too much stress in that already charged situation. What is your advice on this?


Just to say thank you for all your help with the e-collar. I raised my now 17 month old BC positive only, and the only issue was her recall from prey animals. You have opened my eyes by saying that no reward will beat the chase. The e-collar is bringing us one step closer to off lead freedom each day. I can now call her off chasing birds even without e-collar. Our next challenge will be squirrels, rabbits and deer and then the joy of running off lead safely. Thank you for helping us get there.


Hi Robert, I hope you feel better this week. Thank you for your expert advice and the material you offer, all very helpful. My question is:

Our 9-month old German shepherd has been wearing her bark collar on off for a couple of days, as you advised). I also want to introduce the e-collar but wonder about any confusion that could potentially be created from using both (not simultaneously, of course). Should that be of concern, and if so, how would do you suggest I proceed to avoid any issue?


Hi Robert, Any advice on what to do with a 1 year old male border collie who is obsessed with the television? I have nearly managed to stop him jumping up at the TV but I can’t seem to shake the obsession, could he grow out of it? Or have you any tips.

Isaiah G

Hey Robert, my puppy is now 11weeks old – I got him at 8 weeks. He has been introduced to my girlfriend’s family and my family. But I want to socialize him more because when I go outside with him he barks at strangers walking by. Can I walk an unvaccinated puppy in stores since no dogs are around? Thank you in advance!!


I have a 10 month old Malinois who has basic obedience. However, I am trying to move on to advanced obedience with him, however I cannot get his attention on me so I wanted to ask what’s the best way to train him as he doesn’t like treats or toy?


60 pound Shepard mix that jumps and mouths everyone. Mostly smaller women that volunteer here. Just started working with him today. Treat, human and engagement driven. I am using the picnic table, (for sit, stand and down), also the light switch game and place command. Any other thoughts (I will be here for 6 more weeks) as he has a great personality, just seems to have zero training. Long lead is ok, but the Herm Springer choke chain gets him to focus more on me.


What do you think about people giving CBD oil or products to their dogs for anti-anxiety ( for example during fireworks or when there’s visitors). Is this just a way to avoid modifying a behavior with training or can it genuinely be a good supplement?


Hey Robert, I received my ET-300 Mini E Collar yesterday, had it tested on myself but I think the collar is not consistent or is not working properly. Basically when I put it on like level 5-9 on two of my fingertips of the same hand, sometimes I feel literally nothing. If I move it a bit aside, for a millimeter or two, I feel it. Should I ask for another copy or?? How do I know it is consistent with my dog? The same applies to my palm, I feel nothing there unless it’s a higher level like 10+.

Steve P

Here’s a resounding testimony of our 12 mo old male Mali; he is becoming quite the gentleman to be around and a delightful companion. We recently enrolled him in Schutzhund training. Our trainer said he is now ready for the BH/obedience competition but we do have to wait for him be eligible age wise to enter him in the competition. Do you recommend Schutzhund training and can the bite training cause him to be aggressive?


Hi Robert. I have been trying my 3 year old Jack Russell. She is pretty good at staying in her crate, understands basic command & walk on leash. What else should I do to get ready for Malinois puppy’s arrival? Grace


Hi, We have just joined the members area so that we can improve the training of our Lurcher (long dog) who is a Saluki x Greyhound. She is 7 months old and has a very high prey drive, so the long line will be very useful if not a necessity going forward. We are worried that this type of leash may be harmful for our puppies neck? We have read on many Lurcher forums that a longline with these types of dogs should always be used with a harness??? We currently use a standard slip lead every day.

 Kim P

My downstairs neighbors 140+lb dog has been showing a lot of signs of distress and fixation. It’ll lay by the window and every time either myself (my stairs end at their window) or others walk by, this dog begins to lunge into the window and bark. Today, it attacked a Scotty (he’s okay). Both neighbors are in the military and are often gone for 8+ hours a day. What’s a friendly but blunt way to address they may need professional help? I’m beginning to get concerned, mngmt isn’t helpful either.

Neal D

Hi Sir. 1 yr old gsd(M) still bombarded by charging strays has suddenly become way more manageable while on leash. 3 things: we were working on reactivity, changed martingale 2 british slip lead, has met off leash a 2 month old puppy of a close friend since my last question. Which of these do you think is the reason of this sudden change? How do I seal the deal on this issue? Since I cant fit both ecollar n slip lead together sud I change to a prong or wud it amp him up(ecollar nt used 4 reactivity)


My dog is a 15month old GSD/beagle/lab mix. I say GSD mix for short since that’s easier. I’ve trained both my dogs to be good around the chickens and ducks, so I don’t usually have issues there. In a year or so my anatolian will be with them full time, but i’m wondering if my mix can ever truly be trusted without supervision. With supervision she is great. I’d love for her to be with my anatolian all day but i’m wondering what you think because of her breed mix. Is it too risky to trust her?

Michele H

What should a 10 week Belgian Malinio be doing by 10 weeks, 11weeks and 12 weeks? I know I have a very special dog and I want to raise him to his full potential.

Carol O

I have a four-old doberman and have never taught him to out. I have been trying Ivan’s method with the pinch. Jiggling to eventually drop it. This has been going on a week. Instead of dropping (he is very possessive) he holds it and chews like chewing gum with his back teeth. He knows the command and is refusing to do it. He will out for food.

Didi Y

Hi, 6 month old female GSD, e-collar worked on barking at neighbors’ dogs along the fence. I only used the vibration. She knew to stop barking and came back to me. Thank you! My 2 questions now: 1,She is very sensitive about gentle leash. I am wondering if I can use e collar to teach her not pulling leash? If yes, how? 2, when sitting in a big park – watching ducks, birds, people walking/jogging by, she was only reactive to dogs walking by, how to control this? Thank you so much to both of you!


My beagle mix is fear reactive when a dog passes by the in the backyard. We have a secondary fence about 10 feet from the fence for safety. When he barks and lunges at the secondary fence, I call him and he usually comes and grabs a toy on his way. When he gets to me he’s a combination of playful, submissive, and stressed (e.g., shaking). Is it ok to let him “play it off”? When he doesn’t come and I have to walk up to him, should I correct him there? If so, how? He’s very sensitive. Thank you!

Debbie S

I have a 6 year old rescue dog with a bite history. She is 60%GSD 30%ACD 10%boxer. very very high drive, aggressive and dominant. She guards toys, food, territory etc. The most disturbing thing she does is approached me for affection when I am lying down, then suddenly starts to snarl. sometimes bites. If I stand up and send her away she goes, but WTF. Also, she will growl at me from another room, if I call her she comes, groveling and pees at my feet. She is fun and athletic, can she be helped?


Hello Robert. I have a 9month old Dutch Shepherd puppy. I thought I had a solid recall on him. However, today, he ran off and was nearly attacked by local wildlife and refused to recall, putting both our lives in danger. How do you recommend improving recall under heavy and sometimes life threatening distractions? I nearly had a heart attack because I thought he was going to get killed. I’m worried if it happens again, I won’t get there in time to save him.

Julia B

Hello Mr.cabral, My husband and I have just adopted a 4 month old belgian malinois puppy. I am a stay at home wife so I have the time and willingness to learn and train her. In most of your videos I’ve seen you mention we should start training as early as anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Is it too late for her to get crate trained?


I have a 1 year old GSD, that was diagnosed with meningitis and we taking it really easy with activities. We are feeding him healthy food but I could really use some advice. I feed both my pups at 5:30 am & 6:00 pm, should I feed 3 times instead? I measure their food & they take supplements, what supplements do you suggest? Have you ever had any health scares with your pups? If so, how did you nurture them back to health? Should I take them on separate walks, so not to push him to hard? Thank u


Hi Robert, I noticed that you don’t use the word “no” in the videos where you show the e-collar with Maya (for example, when she does not stand up immediately you use the e-collar as a correction but don’t say “no” before the stim). But when you use other corrections, like a leash correction, you say “no”, then pause, then give a correction. I wondered if you could let me know why you don’t use the word “no” with the e-collar. Thank you!

Anders and Heidi

Most puppies in the video-series seem to be 16 weeks old before their owners are instructed to do structured walks with loose leash and ‘pop’s’ at the end of leash when the puppy is not following; but, how early should one start with this? We are a bit concerned about the puppies neck when he is very young (8-12 weeks). What do you suggest? How early can we start?

All the best from Norway 🙂

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