Member Questions 2-8-22

Didi Y

Hi, I thought my 6 month old female GSD is obedient. We got her when she was 8 week old. She follows my commands: sit/down/leave it/wait/come/crate, and etc. She is good at off leash walk too. However, this morning when I walk her on the leash, she turned around, even jumped up, to bite on leash, and tugged with me. I gave a firm “no”, followed by “leave it” “sit” and “down”. She did as I said. But repeated the leash aggression several times. Can you please explain this behavior? What advice will you give?

Theresa S

I’m working on getting my puppy 9w to sleep in her crate. She loves sleeping in the bathroom it’s her place. When I try to move her to the crate she gets very mad and angry tries to bit me and I get it she’s tired not sure how to fix this or if I should maybe bring the crate to the bathroom for her to sleep in? Or maybe close those areas off. I want her to have peace and sleep where she is happy but also needs to be an appropriate place. I would love some advice on how to fix this! Thanks Robert!


My dutchie barks when she is in drive, particularly when we’re working. She’s easily aroused and cannot contain her excitement. “Platz *BARK*, fuss *BARK*, here *barks all the way to me*. Do you think this is something I need to nip in the bud? I’m not sure how I would even quiet her when she is in such a drivey state, since I want an excited dog! But I’m not sure if I’m inadvertently creating a problem. Thank you for your advice


My 17 month old BC normally walks well on lead, no pulling. I taught her with your method (loose lead and turning). But when she is nervous (e.g. busy traffic, loud noises, lots of screaming children etc.) she starts walking ahead and pulls. I can improve it by doing left circles to slow her down, but when she is in a nervous state of mind the effect doesn’t last and as soon as I walk in a straight line she pulls again. How can I improve this? I know BCs can be sensitive to noise etc. Thank you.


1 year female Mal who is showing some unusual behavior, like pacing around the house and barking for no apparent reason. I put on a muzzle on her and she calmed down. Not sure if it is anxiety. Don’t believe much has changed in her environment. Could her behavior be related to intact/ heat symptoms? Also, should I be using the muzzle to calm her down while she is in my house? If so, what advise? In addition, I also give her calming chews which help her mood but not so much behavior. Any advice?


Can you train a dog not to eat stuff found on trails? Friend’s GR just got home from vet after bolting down 3 wash rags. Before that, it was a small bag of marijuana. This is not a trashy area (mountain wilderness) so it’s always unexpected. Happens fast so no time for “leave it.” At home, dog can’t resist tissues and paper. Other than this, dog has a great recall and is beautifully behaved. We thought of basket muzzle, but concerned if a dog attacks her. Suggestions?


Hi Robert & Janice I have a 6 year old Aussie. She is dog neutral to dogs except dogs that she knows. One of my friends just got a 6 year old border collie mix. When my dog sees the border collie she always tries to hump her. I tell her “No stop it” and I make her sit, which works. But the next time we see the border collie. She does it again. Both dogs are off leash. She doesn’t do this to any other dog. Why do you think she is doing this to this dog and should I handle it differently?

Lauren L

My Cane Corso just turned 1. I have never been allowed in the room for vet visits and am told she is aggressive and to find a trainer/behaviorist. She is sweet, trained and a little shy. Finally found a vet who allowed me in. She was friendly the entire time until they lifted the table, locked her head and went straight into her ear. She had no way out and responded with bites and struggle. I was told again, she needs intensive behavior training. How do I train “this” dog to be submissive?


If I’m just sitting somewhere and put my dog in a down next to me for a long time (30+ minutes) should I reward her throughout the hour for keeping her attention on me? I sometimes sit with her and she keeps staring at me the whole time so I don’t know if I should reward her for keeping her focus on me or not reward her to get her to relax more.

Paolo (UK)

Hi Robert, We have a neutered (In November) 11 month old male Boxer/Corso mix weighing about 32kg. He is great with other dogs and loves to play. Recently we have had 3 dogs (all well mannered male and neutered) continuously bark at him (not aggressively) for what seems like no reason at all, one dog clearly tried to show dominance through play. He seems very confused about it and seems unsure of what to do. we remove him from the situation of course. Any Ideas why this might be happening?

Nicholle R

Good morning!! I love these videos. i can’t find the right trainer for my 1yr old Mal/dutch so they are helping a ton. It seems he is getting separation anxiety or fear of being left behind. if anyone from the house old walks away while he is on a leash or in the car he gets vocal and worked up as well as leaving him home in the kennel anytime. he rides with me to do chores each night and is perfect until we get to the barn and i get out of the car. how can i help correct this or help it?

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