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Tommy A


Last year I was out running my sleddogs, Mills running a longside. I live in Norway on the Swedish border. smuggling are going on in my area. This day we surprised 2 smugglers that got really pissed off and started to get threatening towards us. Mills suddenly got really protective and positioned herself halfway between the 2 smugglers an myself. She didn’t try to bite but she was not backing down. The smugglers backed down, i recalled Mills, 

Mills was extra obedient. I think Mills saved us from trouble. How normal is this level of courage and clear thinking in a 8-9 months old dog.



We recently got Buster about a month ago from our city shelter. He is a rottweiler mix. He’s 40 lbs and the vet estimated him to between 12-18 months. Shelter said he had been there approx 9 months. I would like to ask about a recent behavior that has come up. We have 5 yr old twins. At times they misbehave. Sometimes it takes fast action like restraining one to prevent him hitting the other. Tonight the boys were on the floor and I had to step in, the dog mouthed my head and circled and barked while I was trying to contain the boys. How to respond? What is this behavior? Thx! Patrick


I adopted a ten week old Mal/German Shepherd puppy from the shelter. He’s amazing! He came in with his 9 siblings and was in there for 4 weeks. Overall I think he’s a fairly adjusted puppy and I’ve been using your videos to help me train him, but I have noticed him growling at other dogs. It’s not playful… all the hair on his back stands up. We have neighbors with two dogs who come out and bark at times through the fence and when I’m holding him at a store he will grow when he sees another dog. How do I correct this? I do not want him to grow up thinking this is ok behavior.


Hello Robert, 

I just joined this week and am really enjoying it so far and looking forward to learning more! I just brought in two Belgian Malinois puppies (3.5 months) from the same litter and they are both starting to bark and go after my two older dogs (Chihuahua and Frenchie). So I would like to know how to tell if it’s them being playful or aggressive. How can I tell the difference? Should I let them continue and have the older dogs correct them or what do you suggest? 

Many thanks, 



Hi Robert and Janet. This is a follow-up to a previous question regarding my 11 month old GSD who gets excited and will grab onto the leash & play tug. I have begun working with a trainer. We’re using an e collar for a lot of the basic training (sit, come, heel) but my dog has a couple of times gotten really over stimulated by other dogs nearby in the training facility & the trainer has firmly lifted up on the leash, almost cutting off air supply to snap him out of it. thoughts on this method? It was a bit hard to see this in action. Janet thank you for your input with questions-Super helpful!


Hi was just wondering what your opinion is about the Dogtra Tom Davis 280C Remote Dog Training E-Collar Featuring Boost N’ Bungee Waterproof 127-Level 1/2-Mile Range. 

You can sure up that name on Amazon or Google if youve never heard about it before. I just ordered it after watching all your E-Collar videos, I will be putting the E-Collar on my dog for 3-5 days before any use. Thanks!


Hi Robert – is it actually important to be the first through a doorway?


Hi Robert! I own a dog reactive / leash aggressive pitbull terrier who is almost 5 years old. I have been working with him for a week and a half on strong obedience, structure, and relationship building. He no longer explodes when we see other dogs, but two days in a row we have been charged and barked at by off leash dogs. In both instances, my dog locked his focus onto the other dog and I had to get his attention with leash corrections and jogging in the opposite direction. What is a good way to handle this in the future? I am worried that this reaction will cause him to regress. TIA!

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