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Rashida J

Hi Robert, Thank you so much for all of the information you’ve shared with me about how to train and nurture my dog. He is amazing because of what I’ve learned from you. This incident happened near me and I am wondering your thoughts.(emerging story so this is only like I have found)


Hi, Robert. I wonder how much exercise do a 1 year old malinois need? I used to work my pup a lot when he was 5-9 months old. I took him to train for 25 minutes in the morning, run, play tug and frisbee for about 2 hours every afternoon. Some of my friends say i probably over exercised him since he is only 65 pounds now and look skinny. Now i train him 50-60 minutes total morning and night, also 1 hour tug or frisbee for afternoon. He is not destructive at home but he seems really energetic when we go out. Is it not enough for him? Thank you!


Hi Robert, I noticed that when taking my GSD (2 years old, male) out on a walk he would sometimes surprise me with a sudden reaction to a cat, a dog, a car…etc. things we’ve been working on for long now trying to get him used to it, but still sometimes he’ll react & I’d get surprised, during the couple of seconds of him reacting & me panicking to regain control of the situation he of course notices my panic which would often result in my GSD assuming lead role in the walk, im not sure how to phrase my question but  i’ld appreciate ur advice on such situations in relation to me not the dog


A friend was walking into work when a dog broke loose from its owners walking nearby and attacked him. It was a big dog who knocked him down and bit his neck, abdomen, arm and leg.  The owners pulled the dog off and told my friend to run away. The couple fled the scene with their dog. My question is do you think there are always signs that a dog is unstable before it does something like this? If a dog does get you down on the ground, what should you do?

Manuel R

Does my membership with you help to build my dog to protect me and my family?


Hi Robert, I recently rescued a 6 month old GSD. She is a very sweet, Amazing pup other than the fact that she jumps on my 3.5 year old son. She doesn’t do it maliciously she just wants to play and say hi. When I tell her “down” she listens but how do I stop her from doing it all together? The step on the leash training? Thank you for all you do and for your dry sense of humor. ☺️ love you content.

Melissa M

Hi R&J, hope all is well. is there a 2nd e-collar video with max around other dogs? forgot long line today, empty field & e-collar on, had doing well w small distractions, someone came down the field from behind whilst playing with theirs with a squeaky ball, doing brill ’til in line with us (30ft). calling to leash him. he looks, try to engage, nowt, NO & hold button, nothing & bolts, hit the boost nowt again, let go before dog so no redirect could occur, dogs r fine, no fight. Ran round me, went diff directions. Ignored all attempts & e-collar after too 5/10min 2 catch him. I fd up, advice?

I have a mini educator et 300 (like larry krohn’s), I had him on a 4/100 & boost is 5 above that so a 9

Barbara W

We adopted a 4 month old GSD/ Mal mix and he recently started eating frozen poop. 

Yes we are cleaning it up daily but as the snow melts he acts like he found a smorgasbord. 


Hi Robert! I have a 9 month old malinois x who HATES getting his nails clipped.  Tried the dremel and that was worse.  I’ve spent some time clicking the clippers and treating and tried to progress to touching his nail with them and that turned out to be a ‘hard no’ from him.  I’ve decided to try letting him come to the clippers by asking for his paw when the clippers are in my hand, which he will do.  How do I get from this to actually clipping his nails?  He still won’t let me touch the clippers to his nail.  Aside from that, I can handle his paws any way I want (even between toes etc).

Mary R

My West German shepherd show line dog has food aggression. Started at 9 mos. old. She has bitten me twice. This last time was really bad. Stitches. I put her bowl of food on the floor and open her crate door and stand back. No leash. If she thinks I have food in my hand after she has eaten, she will lunge and try or will bite my hands. I never have food in my hands when she is eating. What do I need to do? I’m scared to be around her when she is eating. Other than food aggression, she is a fine dog. She is 1 yr. and 1 mo. old. She is not allowed to roam in my home w/o a leash at this age.


Robert and Janet, Howdy!

You’ve previously mentioned that in Europe several dog training tools have been banned, for example, e-collars. Have you heard of instances or situations now where dog owners or trainers are having difficulty training dogs to be comfortably integrated into daily life and society? Are trainers struggling to train? Is there evidence, even anecdotal, that banning corrective tools has been a negative step for dogs? Or are we worried about nothing?

Thanks in advance,


Bleu, 3 year old Mal mix female, we train every day, using long line and prong for corrections, does all commands and has perfect recall. When not on line or she drags it, she is not so obedient and she runs off to chase animals.  Started eCollar to help with that, using long line, after one correction she is perfect and I don’t get a chance to use it more.  The only time she didn’t come to me was when she got very distracted by a dog, she needed higher stimulation and got more aggressive.  How do I avoid her correlating the high stimulation to dogs and getting more aggressive?


Hi there! New to the site. My 1 year old intact male cane corso is humping my 8 year old female spayed boxer. I’m not sure why he is doing it, and what I can do to correct the behavior. The female definitely does not enjoy it. Thank you for your time.

Mahala C

I had a litter of Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shephard ( accidental, yes I know, no real accidental litters.) I’m obviously not a professional breeder. I’ve found appropriate homes for all pups, kept the most dominant for ring sports. I own parents, puppy is 11 weeks old now. I crate puppy when not home. Question is- How do I set up structure to keep puupy focused on Me as it’s primary and not their parents? I want pup to be handler focused, not rely on parents or litter mates.

Andrea L

I volunteer with a rescue & I’m looking for advice on placing a 3 year old GSD. He has been living successfully in an at home rescue with other dogs. He is reactive with dogs out in the world.

The family interested in him has another dog and is bringing that dog with them for the second meet & greet.

Any tips for integration if they adopt him? He’s a big, strong boy, and I want to keep the older dog safe. Should he wear a muzzle at first when interacting with the other dog? He is muzzle trained. I am familiar with the decompression/slow intro procedures having fostered a lot. Any other tips?

Lina T

Hi Robert! I’ve binge watched your free videos.;your way of training in every aspect excited me, thus became a member.Harpo, my GSDbeen thru obedience school eventually becoming a demo dog & passed her Good CanineCitizen;good at heeling and walks with her tail casually swinging.Since a pup, I’d take herto dog friendly stores;when approached for a pet I politely tell these strangers not to touch my dog. Although heeling correctly, I’ve noticed her tail tucked in tightly. If being in stores appears to distress her, is it worth it to con’t this training? I want her happy.We love being together.


My puppy is 2 and a half months old, i have him for 2 week. At what time do you think its appropriate to introduce him to prong collar?


At what age should I use a martingale collar on my male Aussie puppy. He 12 weeks now. Or do I need one and how would I know.


What is the best approach to retraining Wally. He understands sit, stay, easy, stay until door opens (just mastered that one), but with any leash he is off after that prey. I get some results with a harness but I am finding it hard to train with a harness. Treats are the only thing that gets his attention. We have no fences on our 4.5 acres so use a halo collar fence which he understood from arriving. My experience with dogs is limited to a miniature poodle.

Lois H

Hi Robert and Janet. When Jack and I play golf (3 days a week) we leave Maggie loose in our home. She has plenty of free space throughout the house however we think she sleeps most of the time. She never damages anything and prefers to sleep on the tile floor instead of beds or couches, which we wouldn’t even mind. We have been told we should keep her in her crate, which is in our bedroom, the majority of the day. Are we giving her too much freedom and control? Jack would like her to be guard dog/pet and I want a pet with a loud bark.


My 18mo Mal is tried to go away to where I point and wait. When we train in the garage and I send him away, he will run towards where I point and wait for the treat I fling to him when he hits his mark. When outside, I can only get him to back away, i.e. he won’t turn his back to me and just go to where I point. How can I get him to do it correctly. He will fetch tennis balls normally, at high speed. Has a very good recall. I can’t tell if he is just too focused on the tug I use outside – treats are too little for the 30m distance I send him. Thanks!


Hello, we are getting a new working GSD puppy in a couple months.our landlord/friends have English mastiff 7 months not vaccinated, goes to dog parks and has no basic obedience. The question is should we let our puppy interact with English mastiff a little bit or no contact until our pup is fully vaccinated? Thanks


I have been training with my Mal Riot since day one using your videos and he is now starting bite work with professional trainers at 6 months old. My question is what do I do with him while I am at work? I am starting work as a nurse over the summer and will work 4 10 hour shifts during the week, my husband is a police officer and also works 4 10 hour shifts. Both of us work in the evenings from 1-11pm on the same days. I can’t leave him in the backyard due to the heat during the summer and I think leaving him in a crate for 10 hours is cruel but it feels like my only option. What should I do?


Lance has started occasionally exhibiting a strange behavior when I feed him. He will use his nose to push all around the bowl, like he is trying to bury it. It is the same action I saw him take last summer when I gave him a chicken back, and he pushed leaves over it. This began indoors a few weeks ago when I fed him some raw food. Now he is doing it with cooked food, but only sometimes. Any ideas? He is an extremely picky eater and I’m working with a holistic vet to resolve possible digestive issues, but he doesn’t always agree with her advice!

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