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Hi Robert. Our (rescue, had her 3 weeks, 18 mth old) Belgian Mali is very “afraid” of getting into the car. She is coming along brilliantly at home and fine around moving traffic, but getting into the car is a very big step for her. Bit of background: She was illegally trafficked into the country, so has a negative association with vehicles, we think. We know patience and praise will win! We’ve finally got her closer to the car, and yesterday she put a paw in to retrieve a tasty treat. Shall we just keep on with this, and trust that soon, she’ll hop in? Any other advice?


Hi Robert is it possible to teach dogs to be friendly to strangers especially in the home? I have been doing conditioning for what feels like ages for my 20M old M GD when strangers come in the home (settling him with treats and most of the time not interacting). He is able to settle but when I allow him to approach (on his own) he starts reacting. I’m able to stop this with a correction as he is always on lead and I make sure to treat plenty when he is roaming on lead to make it positive and we will go back to square 1 no interaction. Is he fearful or dominating the house? Help appreciated!

Kimberly L

Hi-I have a 13 mos old Malinois & we train with an IGP group 2X/week. Obviously trying to maintain high engagement in training. He loves the spring pole but I find it’s distracting him when we’re doing focused heeling & other exercises. I removed it because I felt he thought it had higher value than my personal interaction with him. I try to make it all about MY relationship with him & not the inanimate object. Do you agree with this or should I let him have some self-interaction/play time? He really loves the spring pole & appears to be a great core workout. Thanks so much RC for all you do!


Hey Robert. I have a 5 month old female Malinois. I got her at 12 weeks old and just recently found your training. My question is does too much free play or free time make it harder to bond and train with my pup? She isn’t in her crate more than 2-3 hours at a time as we live on a large farm and she has safe space to roam. I train her 2-3 times daily following your videos. But she will not recall at all from any distance and will only obey “sit, down, stay” commands when a treat is available. Should I crate her more or for longer periods to increase her desire to interact with me? Thanks!


Our 6 month old malinois when playing fetch sometimes will run up with her ball and jump up and body slam the ball into 

Us sometimes she will run up and stop and I say out she drops the ball then jumps up 

And grabs an arm quite hard 

Saying no and ending the game doesn’t seem to be working.


Hey Robert and Janet, my female malinois 18 months old was shocked by cows electric fence and now she thinks that I hurt her. This happened yesterday and today she refused to walk in direction where the fence is. How to deal with that fear? Today when we came near the fense she started to jump on me so I carried her to the end of fense and then it was ok till the next fense, tail down, ears down, fear in her eyes, so i carried her again. Should I just avoid the fences for some time or should I be persistent in walking by the fence? 

Thank you, 

Mitja from sLOVEnia


Hi Robert, I have a 3 y/old male Am Staff, he is intact and loves to sniff on walks. At times he will pull to get to the next mailbox. Should I turn quickly as he walks ahead and let him hit the end of the leash to get him to attend back to me? This is not a training walk but I don’t want him pulling. I want to be sure that I am being fair in correcting behaviors on a causal walk. Thank you! Gina

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