Member Questions 4-29-22

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Our 16m old malinois is well trained, very obedient, very well socialized, well structured and worked daily. Since he was small he was aloof toward strangers but only if they engage him. Now he snapped in the direction of a woman who wanted to pet him from above and a man who did the same 2 days apart. The second time i could give him a very firm correction. he has solid nerves so he can handle a pet even if he doesnt like it- how do i make him to understand that all humans are off limits?

Stefan P

Hello Robert, thank you for all the content. 

15 week old GSD Otis is about to get his last round of shots before being able to explore more safely. I am wondering what you suggest for flea/tick/heartworm etc. We live in Oregon so it’s not hot out yet but will be soon. I have read that typical treatment are Ingesting insecticides. Is there alternatives or something you believe is safe. Truly want to give him the best chance at being safe while not creating another health issue. Thank you.

Grant H

First off thanks! I have a 4 month old GSD that is reactive to mainly other dogs and sometimes people. His obedience inside the house and outside with little distractions is already really great. Just wondering if I should be popping him with the slip lead and walking back 180 degrees every time he reacts or if he is too young. He already knows what no means if that matters. Thanks!


Hi Robert, I rescued my dog 2 years ago.He is a Belgian Malinois, GSD and Rottweiler mix. He is very high energy, prey drive etc. Your videos have helped me immensely. The one problem I am having is he has gotten skittish all of a sudden. He is very scared around inanimate objects such as garbage bins, boxes and anything that makes noises this is relatively new thing. He used to love being in the kitchen and will completely avoid it now because he is scared of the high chair. How can I fix this?

Tammy B

Training GSD for 100y sprints, which mill is best for this?

Michelle F

Two months ago we picked up a 15 week old Dalmatian. She was kept in a crate as the previous owner didn’t have time for her. ( she never went outside) We have her gaining weight and are starting to train her. I’ve been doing the long lead and she is very good most of the time. we are still working on the play jumping. When I step on the lead to stop the jumping she bites my feet/legs. What do I do to correct this? Maybe I’m not stepping on it right. At what age can I introduce corrections ?

Lisa H

On the podcast you said you’d link a video of his temperament test. Where can I find it? Thank you


My 5mo old Mal has met only 1 dog (I do have a 15yo lab whom he tries to pester). Currently he tries to meet every single dog walking by (pulls, breaks heeling), but I don’t allow. However, to accelerate desensitization, twice/week I have him wait at the dog park entrance and whenever a dog walks by, reward him if he does a Look at me command or comes to me when told. Goal is to eventually allow him the dog park experience–never had issues with my lab. Is this the best approach to desensitize?

Paolo P

Hi Robert and team. Our boxer x corso Rio is now 14 months and is doing well however we have a problem with his reactivity whilst on lead. Off lead he is great he has a good recall and plays with dogs regularly with no problems. If we are walking along a path with a dog walker coming towards us I distract him with a treat he walks nicely loose leash right until we get close and he will then lunge at the dog, sometimes just lunge sometimes with a growl. What else can I do in this situation?Thanks

Melissa M

Thank you, my malinois x malamute bro’s are 12 weeks old, first leash walks this week. moved crates. Have been in garden/house separately for potty & work them at opposite ends of garden/rooms and call/train separately (who was asked gets reward) inc passing each other without trying to play. I will dictate playtime and how rough, toy stealing, food stealing etc and correct with scruff if needed. had gsd’s and collie’s in past, & dominant ones, first with siblings, checking on right track, TY.

Cathy W

I have a 4 yr old Mali/Gsd mix. Was a fully trained Police dog when I took her on 15 months ago. She retired due to allergies but Raw feeding has stopped it all. I’m an experienced GSD handler, worked for GSD UK Rescue. My dog is well trained by police and me, I stop any unwanted behaviour always. Irritating issue is letting me have the ball when she brings it back. I’ve watched your video and have identical toys. She will immediately pick the one she prefers (even though they are both identical


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, This is my last question for awhile. My 8 month old Mal barks and nips at me when she wants me to play with her. This is AFTER a 40 minute play session. Someone is always home with her and exercising her, so she’s not lacking attention. To help with the barking for attention, I put her in her crate for 30 minutes. It seems to work. Is this okay? Thank you so much.

Naomi K

My 21mo GSD was reactive to everything, especially kids and dogs. With your advice, exposure and consistency, when I walk her, she doesn’t have problems any more. But with my husband, she gets out of control. I never allow my dog to interact with kids but mine. But my husband let my kid’s friends at a bus stop interact with my dog in a bad way, and my dog exploded. This happened two days in a row. Should I just let this go or should I go back to the bus stop and make sure my dog behaves?

Greg C

7-month old GSD that, when surprised, goes bananas on leash. Ignores corrections until threat has passed. Is there any point on correcting when she is in that frenzied state and if so prong or e-collar correction?

Arly C

I have a rescue pit (found as a stray) who becomes a totally different dog around small dogs, squirrels etc. we had an incident where he attacked a chihuahua unprovoked and it was more instinct for him (grabbing and shaking) I’ve been working with a trainer on his obedience to control this drive and it has slightly helped but when I bring a small stuffed toy dog near him he still tries to lunge and bite, shake uncontrollably and lick his lips. Is there anything else I can do to control this?

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