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I have a 9 week old German Shepherd working line puppy and have spent the last week since I got him just doing very basic luring work. An owner of another puppy from the same litter has posted a video on our Facebook group showing it spinning on command, sits, downs, middle, leave its and heel work all without hardly any luring at all! All the owner is doing is saying the command and clicking and food rewarding and the puppy just does it all. My puppy isn’t even doing half of this and I don’t understand how they’ve achieved all this in one week! Are they rushing their pup in your opinion?

Tommy A

Hello cabralians.

I think the downfall of dog sports will come largely from uninformed/misinformed dog owners.

In dog mushing we have seen this for a while. If I post something on fb of my malinois doing something a bit different than the negative comments are coming from people who really don’t understand what they are watching. Instead of trying to educate themselves people are judgemental and calling things unsafe and cruel. This people becomes useful idiots for the extremists. The only way out is information, do believe we have a chance. Ps your new puppy seems fantastic.

Ted A

Izzy is a 50# German shepherd/heeler mix, rescued at 10 months from neglect, fostered for 2 and adopted by us at 12. She is playful, active and alert, happily joining us daily on the farm and on walks in the forest nearby. She’s now been with us for 4 months. She accepts treats out of hand easily but, when outside, usually shies from attempts to caress or handle her. She will not enter her kennel or a car unless leashed. The leash is only attached when in the house where she cannot evade us. She will often enter the house only when wanting food or attention. Next steps?


Hi. Our puppy (German shepherd of 5 months) , when we go for a walk, he suddenly starts to bite. It just happens, he is only walking and all of a sudden he starts to bite slowly from the side and than he goes for the hand and does not let go until he decides to that it is over. We sometimes step on a leash so he can not reach for the hand and for some time he calms down and we can continue walk – this can repeat several times on one walk. Once happened when I took him pepe and poop, he wanted to bite my foot, I wouldn’t let him and he started as explained before. What can we do?


9 1/2 month old female Doberman puppy has a learned behavior of demand mouthing/biting when she is frustrated. She gets plenty of training/exercise/stimulation and has plenty of structure. But, if she wants: even more play time, potty time… she mouths gently – and then escalates with barking, lunging and harder mouthing. We don’t want her mouthing in the first place and the escalation comes when we attempt to correct it (wearing a tab leash). How do we stop this before it becomes a bigger problem?

Here to learn. Thank you for everything you do!!!


I have a 2 yr old high drive female pitbull-OEB and a 1 yr old (lower drive) male pitbull-OEB. Both unaltered. Unlike many people who get pitbulls, I’m not naive about what I have, 2 very powerful dogs! I’ve seen my female’s insensitivity when in drive – Wow! They’ve only been allowed to play with each other minimally so far because I’ve been building my relationship with the male. When they do, it’s intense but seems very happy and healthy. Of course humping behavior is off limits. What would you’re recommended list of requirements + precautions be for letting 2 pitbulls to play together?


Hi Robert, we got a 4 month old Mal pup a few days ago.He’s settling in great to his new crate & very attached to me but he runs straight to the back door to get in to his crate if he sees another person he will bark & run & hide. I have him on a long line in the back yard & he immediately bolts and yanks the line to make it to the back door. I know socialisation is very important and I wanted your advice on how to approach this and how soon should I do this is it too soon if he’s responding like this at the moment? I want to get it right as I want a happy dog & safe home where family to visit


My dog is social & enjoys saying hi to his neighborhood friends on walks however this can be a big distraction when I need his attention. Ex: a Great Dane just moved in, when my dog saw him for the first time he froze & his hair went up (what does that mean?) Because of that I wouldn’t let him meet the dog but I also couldn’t get his attention back to me to continue walking. I tried little leash pops, it didn’t work so I walked in the opposite direction & he felt constant pressure from the choke vs a clear pop at the end of the leash. How do I correct fairly & get his attention w/heavy distractions


My dog is aggressive to dogs, people, and children when we are near the home and in it he wants to bite and he bites before now am using an e-collar to punish the bad behavior the (aggressive behavior) and say NO is high voice and its going good but i want Your advice what should i do ( i don’t want to Ruin the relationship and he Walk Loose leash walking and around a lot of people he’s doing well don’t react don’t be aggressive when we in a park or any public places but he react to cats all that when we was not near the home ) sorry for the english, I am arab and I used google and thank you.

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