Member Questions 5-13-22

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Marsha R

What kind of training do I start out with? Most of the puppies seem younger when you start training them.


Hello, I have 5 months old Corgi Pembruke. I have started feeding him from my hand as you suggested in lessons. But after doing it few times, puppy started to avoid bowl and does not want to eat food from it. What should I do? Thank you for amazing content!

Laurel K

Hello Robert, 

We have a 12 w/o golden retriever and we have had her for about 2 weeks. At feeding time, we feed her both by hand and in a bowl. When we feed her in a bowl: we pet her, take away and return her bowl, move the bowl, and put our fingers in the bowl. She did not show any sign of food possessiveness or reactivity until recently, and its sporadic/occasional. When she growls with stiff body language, we remove her from the bowl. Do you have any advice further advice?


Thanks Both Of You, To Follow up on last week. 4 Month Border Collie – some parks I go to she can go off leash which I allow her to do, she does stick around me. However, if she sees a person or dog in the distance she starts to take off running to meet them. Recall works about 50%, she comes back sometimes, others she doesn’t until she meets the person. Think I should be putting her on a 30 foot long line instead? until she is 100% or just keep on working as is with treats , toys etc


My now 14 wk old Mini Aussie has discovered how to tell if I’m holding a treat or not. When working on her recall, she is superb at complying, if I have a treat in hand. If I don’t, she just looks at me. As in disbelief that I actually expect her to come without reward. Did I mess up somehow?


Hi after a significant improvement with my ridjback with the reactivity, I have a new challenge. When I play with him off leash for exemple with ball. he is an absolutely play good, Until he sees another dog that suprise us and then he runs away from me towards the other dog and blow of. 

calling him it does not help, I would be grateful if you could detail to me what steps I need to take. Thanks

Melissa M

Hi Robert, I was wondering if you have a video or advice on how to deal with male dogs (entire) and bitches in heat (either passing or in general area)? My Belgian mal x malamute boys like the girls but more reactive to males even at 3.5 months (both alone, worse when together obv), ok with neutered. They are getting better by day but worry when hormones kick in what best course to take with them is especially as I have 2, or am I just panicking? what danger signs can I look for?


I have an Anatolian that will be a full time LGD. He is obviously super dog aggressive, except to my other dog that he grew up with. The thing is, I want to get another pet dog in 2-3 years, but I want to adopt an adult dog.I know my Anatolian would accept a young puppy,as I often see people successfully introducing puppies to their LGDs,but I really want to adopt an adult dog. Im wondering if getting an adult dog would be a mistake though with a full grown LGD or if its possible to make it work.

Lily S

My male GSD was bought at 11w, we did not know he was sick until a week after getting him from breeder. Since bringing him to Cali from Fl where we stayed with our family until he was healthy, he is very uneasy. Understandably so, la is very different from fl suburbs. I started e collar training and he has done well with that. He barks at everyone and every animal including my cat. Exposure is what he needs most but what can I do during the exposure to successfully desensitize and build confidence?

Tony T

We rescued a GSD puppy (now 12 months old) who has hip dysplasia. We do an hour’s pool therapy daily to build the muscles around the hip which has helped with his mobility. He has a very calm demeanor, but is not overly active when outside of the water. I’d love some guidance on what things to focus his training on, given his relative lack of mobility. Love the channel and website. Cheers, Tony


Hey Robert – I am curious about your thoughts on neutering a 2 year old male GSD/Malinois mix. I have been reluctant to have the procedure as I have not seen any medical reasons to neuter a healthy dog. I was planning on not having him go through the procedure but recently have been contemplating doing it. He is not aggressive but does have the need to mark his territory often. He also is very reactive to certain dogs in the neighborhood and is very protective of our backyard. Thanks!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, My 9 month old Mal has just recently started to find anything and everything to bark at, which is new. We used to control the barking with redirection. She mostly does this when she’s out in our yard, even for just a few minutes. We exercise her very regularly. We do not use an e collar and would prefer not to unless absolutely necessary. Husband frustrated since I told him I would train the dog well and we wouldn’t have major issues. Barks so much! Thanks for helping!


I often train w/ my 1.5yr lab in a quiet park. He’s great off-leash: strong recall, ecollar-trained, unbothered by others. But when a school field trip entered the park, I think it spooked him (lots of shouts/whistles) – he took off w/ no response to recall. Not realizing he was afraid, I raised the stim but he ran away harder. Any advice for that situation (aside from avoiding it)? He’s great w/ ecollar in prey drive but think it worked against me when there was fear (associating stim w/ crowd)


I have a 2.5 year old GSD female. I got her first title BH. But I am working on her IGP1. My problem is that we cannot shake the bad behavior of her chase and lunging at cars. Walking her when she sees a car coming if bad. I have her brother 1 year old and no issues. She’s walked with a prong and I’ve tried the e collar not working. She is wonderful to work on a field but the street no good. Please help.


Hi from the Pocono Mtns of PA! I would like to train a Mali puppy (soon to adopt) to find Whitetail deer antler sheds. I watched your scent training videos and you mention to add extra scent to enhance training. There really is not “antler” scent concentrate, only “buck in rut” or “buck” scent- might that work? Do you think following your scent training program would work for this? Have you had any experience with this? and what age would you suggest starting? Thank you for your work as always!

Kimberly L.

Hi Robert- I would like to adopt a young male Mali through a rescue. The particular pup Im interested in was brought in as an 8 mos old & is currently 9mos old & has already been neutered. I’m with you that they need their sex hormones to properly develop with regards to bone, muscle, tendons, etc. He already had a severe leg injury requiring several weeks crate rest & will require further PT. I understand they can have long term complications & health issues from early neutering? your thoughts?

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