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I have a well bred GSD puppy. Grandfather and father are both world champions.  I say this so that you have a reasonable belief that this behavior isn’t due to poor breeding. This male puppy has barked at other dogs, people, vacuum cleaner(not running), flag blowing in the wind, etc.  He barks and lunges at strangers regularly.  He will also (argue) with me. For instance, if I tell him to get off the couch, he will bark and feint bite at me.  I am at my wits end. I’ve seen your videos on youtube and I like your training methods. Help?



Robert & Janet, Howdy!

In a recent live-cast, Janet revealed that Robert uses sardines as one of his nutritional “secret weapons”. Robert specified that he only feeds sardines packed in water, not oil. 

Is there any particular reason, other than that fat has many extra calories, to avoid sardines packed in oil?

I confess that I’ve been treating my 10 month-old Border Terrier to a nutritious, oil-packed, sardine every few weeks since she was 8 weeks-old. My 17 pound Border puppy has been doing very well, is lean, and has loads of energy!

All the best, and long live the sardine!



We have a 1 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He really is an AMAZING dog. Due to his resource guarding, we’ve been hand-feeding him. He eats well out of our hands and hasn’t shown aggression towards us during feedings. At night, he displays unusual behavior when we go to pet him (sometimes, not always) by barking and nipping at our hands. During these episodes, he never takes his eyes off of our hands, even when we pet him just like we’ve always done. It seems like he is afraid to be touched when this happens. He is a rescue, so could that be part of the reason for this behavior?


I have a ten week old shiba and I started training her following the video for Max. However when outside, I cannot get her to come for recall. She frolics around or lays down in the grass. The few times she did listen and come, she doesn’t want any treats I offer. I go ahead and reward her with petting and saying yes, which she seems to enjoy. 

Is it that she’s too young? Any help would be great!


Hi Robert, my mal Toby is making a lot of progress at K9 club IGP training. Toby does Tracking, Obedience, Bite work. I train Toby to use his nose so I put treats in garden for him to find it. It excellerated his progress BUT the disaster happen! Toby ate the building insulation material where the worker left the materials during the renovation and hospitalized for 24h to detoxify poison. After this scare, Now I am scared to train him with Tracking. What should I do? Stop IGP? Or continue ? Grace

Suzanne I

She want to bite and carry her leash all the time and isn’t responding with treats of all kinds.


Hi Robert thank you so much for all your content! I was looking at all your recipes and food guides on the website and i know the qty is catered towards adults dogs, was just wondering how often/how much we can feed our 4 month old malinois puppy? we want to get her off kibble the sooner the better. thanks again !


Hello Mr. Cabral,

I was wondering if an ecollar is, in your opinion, a good tool for teaching commands such as down in motion at a distance, or if it should only be used for proofing commands taught using reward-based methods. Our local trainer wants to use it for teaching distance commands, and I would like to make sure that this approach is not too harsh.

Thanks you for all your help and advice!

Ben J

I have been enrolled in your program for quite a while. Have you use your training videos to teach over 100 dogs how down. As a matter of fact I just watched one of his videos again. Here’s the problem he will fall the tree to the ground somewhat. He pops back up In just a few seconds. Any suggestions.

Joni G

I was so excited to start my Malinois/GSD puppy on obedience training in a social setting (I have been training him with your videos for two months but he’s super reactive to other dogs), so as soon as he got his last set of shots, he was scheduled for classes. The trainer does some things that I disagree with, a lot based on training him with your videos. We have been twice and I’ve told her no on things I disagreed with. How do I find a trainer that trains more like you and/or is it ok for me to keep training him there the way I have been, just using them for the social setting?


I continue to work with my 13 month old GSD who is dog reactive. My training has progressed to group classes. We initially had 4 weeks of “day training “ two days a week. We have been to two group classes so far but haven’t made it through an entire 45 minute class because he is so reactive and loud. His behavior makes me very nervous and the trainer said he’s picking up on my energy. What are some specific things I can do to alleviate my negative / nervous emotions he picks up on? Do you have any recommendations for muzzles? The trainer thinks that may help . Thank you! Lisa in Michigan.


Hi Robert, great videos i love them. I planning to get a Malinois puppy and was wondering if you have a trianning or AMA video addressing how to house train a puppy. I am also interested since i will need to be at work for  5h 3 day per week. Do you think this is a deal breaker?

Lina T

Dear Robert&Janet. How can I keep Harpo from going to a down.I tried luringwhich causes her to go in circles in front of me. I tried gently to lift her with my foot.At her age of 6, is it too much? Our agility kit came in so should I focus more on something else to prevent frustration for her?I make a big deal and party when she takes even a stepback. I’m still learning to navigate my darn tablet. When can I actually see you live on YouTube?Your videos have given me motivation and helped me with my depression. Thanks to you, I feel closer to Harpo, more than ever. Bless you & Janet

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