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Update on my dog’s DNA results. He is 25.7% German Shepherd, 24.1% Pit Bull Terrier, 23.2% Siberian Husky, 13.3% American Staffordshire Terrier, 6.7%Chow Chow and 7% bunch of other breeds. With all of these high energy breeds mixed into Atlas, do you have any advice on the

best way to train him as opposed to a purebred dog? Also I switched his food to Ollies for wet and Sundays for dogs for dry. He still tries to eat poop. I am following the recommended amount but should I just feed him more per your last response?

Ash W

11 week old male Malinois rescue. Male. Mother was rescued pregnant, puppy was with litter and mother for 9 weeks. I have been crate training per your guidelines since his arrival. No problems getting in the crate and settling as long as I am in the room. When I leave my puppy whines and cries for about 5-10 minutes. Could the location of the crate have something to do with this behavior going on longer than it should? Currently the crate is by my desk and I work from home 4 days out of the week. Should I move the crate to a location away from me. Thanks for all the help.

Hollis S

2 Siberians. One has CCD. The other gets annoyed by the whining. On way to vet for routine check. I’m in the backseat between dogs (I can’t drive, legally (TBI)). Old dog is whining loudly. Other dog pounces across from me. I get my hands involved in the backseat, and get nailed. A Dunbar 4. I know better than to get my hands involved. Reflexive. Got to vet, techs cleaned and dressed my hand. I am UTD on tetanus vac, and decided not to go to ER for sutures. I didn’t want to report a bite by my own dog, knowing ERs report bites to CDC. Another slash to Siberians, as dangerous dogs. What would you do?

Hollis S Continued

When to Report? I have 2 dogs. Dog A has CCD, whines a lot, annoys Dog B. Last week driving to vet by neighbor, I was between dogs in back seat. Dog A was whining. Dog B was annoyed, and lunged to Dog A. I got my hand in the middle (I Know better, it was reflexive). And nailed. Dunbar’s scale a 4. Deep tissue. The vet techs cleansed and dressed. I decided not to go to ER to report another dog bite. What would you have done if it was your own dog?

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