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Hello R & J, 

First thanks for your advice on our new adopted dog, Buster. He is crating fairly easy with your tips. 

Today’s question is about Dory our 6 year old (almost 7 😢) Silky Terrier. We have had her since she was about 6 mo old and as Larry Krohn said in the podcast to Robert “we have ruined this dog”. 

Her biggest problem behavior is snatch and guard. Or even when a treat is given she will set up a guarding situation. Where she will go under a table and growl or bite if someone comes to close. Any suggestions on this? Do we need a live trainer? Thanks!


Dear Robert, 

In your excellent lessons you mention that we should not play fetch when teaching the hold command, as this can give the dog mixed signals. What about tugging, or play with a flirt pole? In short, what games are safe to play with my dog when I start teaching the “hold”? Thanks for your insight and tips, and keep up the fantastic work you do to help dog lovers everywhere! 


Cerys J

I have an 8 week old Lab that i picked up on Saturday (23rd May). I’m mainly feeding him in the crate and changing the duration that I leave the door closed and walk away. He’s always excited to get back in there and no drama when I close the door. If he starts to howl the house down I ignore it. Once he’s quiet I’m letting him out at different times 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 7 minutes ect . If he’s sleeping I leave him in there until he wakes; out for toilet, some engagement using his kibble, then back in the crate. I always reward him generously when he goes back in. Am I missing anything?

 Lou and Nico

6 month old husky loves to pull on a leash. Has been on a prong collar with light corrections for about 2 weeks (only when walking). He walks perfectly when he has the prong collar on, otherwise he just pulls like crazy. I’ve tried “tricking” him by putting the prong collar on but linking the long line to the flat collar and he figures it out pretty quickly. How do I phase out the prong collar when for loose leash walking? My goal is to be able to have him off-leash eventually. Apologies if this has already been answered in one of the courses.

Leslie I

I will be picking up my Rottweiler in two weeks. Have not had a pup in over 10 years…so much has changed. What do you recommend I start hew with? Thank you, leslie Ireland


Hi, my GSD & Pomeranian are 2 years old, male, intact. Their last interaction was 2 months ago & didn’t go well (gsd tried to pee on Pomeranian) so I separated them & allowed them 2 see each other for a limited time everyday from a distance while training them separately, this week I tried re-introducing them 2 each other again for 5-10 minutes/day, they’re doing ok so far but I noticed that gsd turns away when he gets irritated by the Pom’s sniffing his private parts for a long time, the pom bit me when I tried to pet him 4 being good, I worry he would bite the gsd, wt can i do 2 fix pom’s behavior

Monica D

Regarding the questions I asked on the 5/19 AMA video, my pup is a malinois, my daughter is 13. I have other children as well 6,10 and 14. So far the puppy is doing better, he is 8 weeks old now. I’ve given him a bone and let him rest on my lap while he chews on it and it seems to help. Still growls a little when picked up but he seems more calm and not as agressive. I think he is just getting adjusted to living with us. Just more information hoping it helps answer the question I asked! Thank you 😊


Hi Robert and Janet:-) I have a 6yr old male entlebucher who is fantastic on loose leash walks, however, he has a preference to be ahead of me. He shoulder checks in with me and luckily is solid with his “wait” command when approaching driveways, etc. but there have been times where we run headlong into dogs, children, etc. because of a blind corner. Is there any way to encourage him to stay more to my side or behind me while on a loose leash walk? Doing an abrupt 180 doesn’t work as he’s not checked out, so no correction…he just catches up then resumes position about one body length ahead.


My dog is an adult and has never really been socialized. She is extremely protective, especially when I am nearby. If I have her on the leash outside and she sees a person, she will start trying to charge at them. Inside, when people come over, she is very nervous and on edge, and I am constantly worried that she is going to bite them. How can I get her used to being around people and not being so protective? I am scared to have guests over because I don’t want them to get bitten or attacked. This also affects my own social life as a result. What can I do to correct this?

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