Member Questions 5-9-22

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Xyler S

Hello! Would it be possible for you to make a video on what your German shepherd should have in the home and how to deal with problems when inside with no corrective tools on? etc. Thank you so much!


I have a young Malinois as well as a mature Portuguese water dog, I’m looking into buying a slat meal for those days that the weather does not permit outside exercise. What would you recommend?


My dog is reactive to other dogs on walks but he has learnt not to lunge at them so he doesn’t get to the end of the leash and I can’t correct him there. Instead, he barks furiously at the other dog while staying right next to me and when I correct with the prong, he just barks harder. How can I correct this behavior effectively? Thanks!


I am so proud of my 11 mth INTACT GSD’s progress. He is a lamb. He is 100% sane with me, completely focused & obedient. 
But when people come over he is psycho. 
My vet told me at 4mths she could neuter him earlier than a year & she had many clients that do. 
I doubt her suggestion & feel it may not be what I am looking for. 
I think behavior has more to do with canine PSYCHOLOGY than hormone therapy. 
You said an intact male is balanced. Can you be more explicit & explain balanced?

Naomi K

Follow up from last week about my husband letting 21 month GSD react to kids at a bus stop. Went back to the bus stop. My dog listened to me even though a kid started running and teasing her by barking at her. I’m not physically strong. To handle my high drive dog, I’ve been sticking to your method since she was little. My husband who is big and with loud voice can physically handle her, so he didn’t train her. My ? is how do I train my dog and husband together because she behaves when I’m around.


Does it confuse my dogs that I use the words ‘good’ and ‘yes’ to mean the same exact thing? I feel like most trainers I follow use ‘good’ to mark good behavior that should be continued, but ‘yes’ to mark good behavior and the dog can be released. But I like to use the word ‘break’ to release, and end up using ‘good’ and ‘yes’ to mark good behavior but not release. Should I stick to using only one word for that? Does it confuse them that I use two different words for the same thing?

Graham H

Hello Robert. Our doberman Mia barks very aggressively when someone knocks at the door. We keep her on a leash at home and try to correct with a command and then a tug but she ignores and is difficult to control. She will calm down after a few minutes but we’re making no progress getting her to self control when there’s a knock at the door. Advice very welcome! Many thanks.


Hi Robert, I have a 4 year old pitbull. He’s had some obedience training in the past and knows his basic commands. The issue I have with him is with around other dogs. I started going to a dog park but we stay on the other side of the fence and I would do the exercise you taught in one of your video. Not sure if taking him to a dog park will get him used to being with other dogs. He doesn’t have any issues with my daughter’s female pit and Shi Tzu.

Brandon D

I decided to get a 2nd dog. I found a 11 mo GSD (F). I followed your advice on hierarchy-new dog has been crated, playtime is always supervised, my Mal (3 yo Male) gets to do things first, etc. The new dog is exhibiting poor obedience/no structure. They get along great but I worry my old dog is annoyed/anxious with her around. It’s been 1 month and I want to give the new dog a fair chance to adapt to the environment. How long before I consider boarding her? What should I watch for in my old dog?


Hi Janet and Robert. Recently we took Maggie for a walk around the outside of a local dog park. Lots of dogs came up to the fence and all was well. We want her to get used to humans and dogs without direct contact. It’s pretty warm now and after walking a bit I realized I’d forgotten her cup. The water fountain was too high but then I remembered your demo of the leak-proof pockets in the vest. Instant emergency makeshift water bowl. You really should add that feature to the next demo 😉


Hi Robert & Janet. Hope all is well. My JR Daisy & Mal puppy are getting along beautifully thanks to Robert’s key word «  micromanage the I reaction ». I am training them 2 times a day but I am not very successful with « Luring ». Daisy only follows the command if she sees the treats. Malinoise puppy Tobby – instead of following the food with his nose, he tries bite it off my hand. Any suggestion? Thank you again for all your teaching. G

John R

Hi Robert, I live in the Scottish Highlands in a  rural location. My lab retriever (Bailey) and I are always walking in forests, swimming in rivers or walking along dirt tracks. At present I dont have a first aid kit for Bailey if he injures himself. (Which is possible, he does not regard fences as an obstacle.) I’m doing a canine online first aid course soon. I have looked online but am doubtful. I trust your opinion so could you recommend please.
Thanks a lot……..John from Scotland.


Hi there, 4 Month Border Collie who is insanely friendly and wants to meet all dogs and all people.  Recall is getting better when off leash but on leash she pulls like crazy.  I get her to sit, settle but she is crazy focused on the other person/dog.  Cries to meet them, as they get closer pulls like a maniac.  I want her to be friendly but i don’t want her to be this excited, not sure the best steps to take from here, different collar? Walk away, tell people to ignore her? thanks

Donna R

My two year old GSD has always been amazing with children and adults.  Certain other dogs can cause her to react.  Recently, she reacted toward a small child, that did not even touch her.  She has never acted like that before.  I don’t know if she would have bitten the little girl or not, but I corrected my girl before anything could happen.  I found out today that she is starting her heat cycle.   I think that’s why she acted that way?  I am very upset that she would try to go after the child.

Brian S

My Doberman foster (female) tries to take whatever toy my Lab (male) is playing with.  She’ll even take a tennis ball away from him during a game of fetch when he gets to it first.  Though my Lab sometimes seems to enjoy that she wants whatever he has and will even try to get her to do it as sort of a game.  Should I be concerned that this is a mild form of resource guarding from the Doberman that could get worse?  Neither display any form of aggression at this time.


Hi, I’ve almost 2 yo GS. He is very distracted when walking. I  tried many things, loose leash walking, feeding, hand / from mouth luring or demanding the attention. When walking he’s following me, leash is loose, but most of time not looking at me, he is predrived sniffing, observing the surroundings and distracted. What would you suggest – where to go back, what to work on? Should I allow him for such behavior when the leash is loose or correct and demand? It frustrates me very much. Thanks!

Stephen A

In tight spaces, elevators, long narrow hallways my dog reacts after a person with a strange gait has passed by breaking heel position which I then stim him for doing. His leash is not tight but short/loose as I need to correct him fast. Would a dominant dog collar be a better back up than a martingale? In your videos I’ve seen you replace a prong or harness with a long slip lead which worked great but not for this situation. Large complex with over two hundred dogs, many first time owners.THX


My dog loves to pull me on my skates, I like it too, but I’m worried about this activity translating to pulling on regular walks. Is there a way to differentiate the two for her? She seems to really like it and I’d hate to not do it with her.

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