Member Questions 6-14-22


Hey Robert, you mentioned in a yt video for a woman to not let her aggressive Mal lay under her chair, my GS pup does this and lays under the daybed in the living room as well as the bed. He sleeps in a crate at night tho. Should I stop allowing this? Even at restaurants? Could it confuse him or make him too dependent or have a negative effect? He tries to lay on my feet randomly as well but I stopped allowing that bc I thought it could enforce dependency and become an insecurity issue. Thanks!


Hello, my 1 yo dutchie is reactive towards anything that “spooks” her suddenly, lunging into defense mode. Otherwise she is neutral in public. Today I opened my door and mistakenly let her out, she spotted my neighbor coming around the corner quickly and immediately rushed him. She did not bite thank God… I scrambled to correct her on the e collar but I was seconds late. It was scary and sudden. How can I train her to control those impulses? She has passed all CGC’s, but this is unacceptable


Is there anything I need to do, in regards to preparing my dog for a spay? I have a 1 year old female Mal who will be getting spayed in a few months. She gets nervous going to the vet? Should I ask the vet for medication to help her relax before surgery? Also, any advise for post surgery? She is an active dog, but will not be able to run for a week. Should I work more obedience and mental stimulation during those weeks? (Maybe keep her in her crate a little bit more?)


Hi Robert, I wonder how you taught Goofy the commands in 2 languages. Did you first teach everything in one language and then everything again in the second or did you teach him everything from the start in both languages? I’m really curious to learn how you taught him. Thank you.

Adam L

??Hi Robert, I know your stance on off leash dog parks and I agree 100%. My wife and I both work out of the home. Do you recommend sending our 11 month Malinois to dog daycare or spend 8 hours crated.


Hey Robert I recently joined a local Canine club which has been great to hone my 23month English Cockers obedience training. My question is how to correct his “stand for inspection” task. When I train him, he stands and allows me to inspect/touch him without any issues, but when the instructor approaches him he sits when being touched. I can correct him when I stay by him but when we give the stand/stay command and leave him, he sits when touched. Is this an event in obedience shows? Thanks!


Hi, I have an 18 week old Mal female, 1/3 working, 2/3 show, from a reputable breeder, she insists on having the dog back if it doesn’t work out. The pup is good as gold, well socialized, happy to meet new people and situations, just takes everything in her stride. Everyone loves her. I give her four 20 minutes different walks/runs in the parks and woods a day. Multiple 5 minute sessions on tugs, little jump poles, obedience etc. but she never seems very interested in me. Is this common? Cheers.


Hi Janet and Robert. I’d like to thank you for your guidance on getting Maggie’s feeding on track. I followed your suggestion to lift her bowl after a short while and give it to her at the next meal. It only took two days and we are definitely on the same track now. No more waste or frustration. I can’t thank you enough. It put the happy back in Happy Hour.


I’m struggling teaching my border collie fetch, getting him to bring the toy back to me. I’ve tried the 2 identical toy method and initially it worked, but now he will chase the toy bring it halfway back drop it and wait for the next one to be thrown. I can’t get him to bring the toy all the way back to me.

Michael W

Recently got a 6 month old puppy and really appreciate your training style and have had early success applying your techniques. Do you have any recommendations for trainers with a similar approach in the San Diego area?


It’s hard to find a Schutzhund club that shows great welcomes to new inexperienced handler. I’ve been training under one famous national level trainer for months but their clubs seem very exclusive to me still. I know Robert you are encouraging people to try different sports like aiming for BH. The common reason I heard is that clubs see too many people come and go so they retreat to being exclusive.

Brian S

We adopted our Doberman foster (1.5 y/o female) a few weeks ago. She has now been with us for about 10 weeks. She only seemed to know a couple commands (sit, paw) when we got her but she has progressed nicely. However, she seems to be very slow or hesitant to perform a sit and even more so a down. She’ll place, heel, paw, come, stay, crate, etc. very nicely and shows eagerness. Have you seen this type of behavior before and should I just be patient and continue bonding?

Katie T

My GSD (had for 6 wks) barks/lunges at cars when they approach from behind and pass us. If nobody passes us he ignores cars. I see in the mirror he focuses on the approaching cars and at the last second lashes out (doesn’t sound confident). I don’t want to give him commands I can’t correct/reward for if he does/n’t obey (b/c I’m driving). How can I help him feel confident and relaxed in the car? He rides in the cargo of my Outback. He was initially same w/ cars on leash, but improved w/ practice


My husband and I are in out late sixties and retired. We live on 50 acres in the county. Two years ago we adopted a 5 year old female lab from a local breeder who was retiring her after 4 litters. After our 14 year old Belgium/GDS mix died last year, we bought an 8 week old Belgium tervuron. Unfortunately, we did not crate train him and trained him to use pee pads. A local trainer advised us to use a prong collar to correct OUR mistake. That feels wrong. How can we fix our mistakes? Help!


I was asked by a family friend 2 weeks ago to train her 6mo GSD. I am only doing basic obedience. But she also just got another GSD puppy. The dogs live outside and all training goes on outside. Usually when the dogs are alone they are locked away in their own huge kennels. The problem since getting the puppy is that when I take her out and put the older dog away, the older dog starts whining and barking and sounds like he’s going to die from being ignored. I’m not sure how to deal with this.


Hi Robert hi Janet. My mal puppy Tobby 4,5 months old is eating socks. We clean it up and watch him vigilantly but in a split second he finds one and gobbles it up as if he never been fed any food. I took him to Vet 3 times already to vomit it out with an injection. I am afraid that he will die one day. What can I do?


Hi- planning on new Mal puppy next few weeks; don’t want to make same mistake with my current dog; took her to bed with me first night because she was crying & very hard to get her out! I know you recommend crate training early on (I’ve watched your videos), but what about the very first few nights when a new pup is away from Mom & littermates and will more than likely be crying. is it possible to get the pup comfortable in the crate the first night? or should i sleep on floor next to him? thanx


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, Are the 10 month old Mal questions making you crazy yet? Sorry. New trend: will not play with ball or flirt pole outside with us, since it’s so hot. Then we sit down outside with her while we try to talk or read, but she then starts barking at small random things. We rarely crate her, but If she’s not going to engage and then only wants to run around barking, I think “down time” in crate is needed. Husband thinks that’s mean but will respect your expert input. Thanks!

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