Member Questions 6-8-22

Jared W

I found a question previously asked on your opinion of NEPOPO training on the 5/11/21 AMA. You didn’t give any opinions. I am trying to get information on the NEPOPO system and how it works. I can’t seem to find any good information in my research that shows exactly what the process is that the system follows. Do you have any experience in the methodology of this system? Can you explain how this works and how it is similar to or different from what you teach?


Hi Robert! My 20 month old GSD recently became fearful of walking through doors. He scurries through and often slips. I’ve made him walk through doors to get to his breakfast/ dinner, but he’s still very wary. I’m not sure why the sudden change. Any advice? Thanks so much for all of your help!


I just got the pup at 8 weeks old, had 2 other younger dogs and all 3 playing all day wear her out. I have letting her in the house some and very well mannered. sleeps most of the time as I leave her in just a few hours. I have several cats and she seems to recognize they can get rough and kinda keeps her distance but is very intrigued by a 5 week old kitten who spits a her. she will lay and whine looking at the kitten. how do I make sure they will get along and she wont hurt them

Adam L

Hi Robert, I am struggling with my 11 month old Malinois with his down. From the stand position he will always drop his rear end to sit then crawl forward into a the down unless he is on his place board or elevated table then he will down shoulders and on to his elbows first. What can I do to correct this from stand position?

Christopher F

3 year old female not spayed. I have had Bia 2 years. She used to be fine a experience in lowes with another dog. Ever since she has experienced this form of playful in combo with let’s check it out. It doesn’t happen all the time. could be an object she focuses on then explodes. in the truck with her buckled in it hard to keep her from wanting to go thru the glass. I watched the reactiveness video i do those with Bia it helps to some degree. can you provide tips. thank you. 



One of my dogs favorite activities is doing tricks.But for the first few minutes of telling her to do something,shes so excited that she mixes up all the commands.I could tell her down and she will heel.Or I will tell her stand and she will rollover .It always takes a few minutes before she finally remembers what each word means and starts doing it correctly.She knows every word,but during those first few minutes gets it all mixed up.Will ecollar corrections fix this or should I do something else.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, I apologize if this question has been covered before, but I couldn’t find it. My 10 month old Mal does well with her obedience training when we’re home, but when we go to a more crowded venue, she does not want to listen, and goes a little crazy (pulls on leash, jumps up, etc). Is this part of being a puppy, or do I need to get this under control quickly? Or, maybe she just needs more socialization with crowded areas & reinforced training in crowds? Thank you both!


Hey Robert and Janet! My 2 y/o mal, Loki loves when I use my theragun (massage gun) on him, mostly his butt/hips and upper back. We do a lot of running with the Chuck it stick for fetch and jumping with obedience. I want to keep him as mobile as possible when he gets older. Do you know of anything other than massage I could be doing to keep his joints as healthy as possible? Thanks again!


How do I get my 6-month-old malinois mix to redirect her nipping to a toy and not me? How do I get her to not chase the cat?


Hi Robert & Janet 

My 12 mth GSD just started to sit & lay in the middle of the backyard facing the back door. Hubby says there may be an issue w pup because of his focus on birds, chasing shadows, flys, bees etc.The fenced in backyard is quite private due to the trees, shrubs & cedar hedge in the back. His buddy says the dog is just doing what he was bred to do. He will stand guard 3 – 4 hours. When left alone he will dig. He does not bark. Is this behavior acceptable or counterproductive?


Thank you R&J 

I always hear people talk about a dog’s tail being the window to their happiness. Sure, it is clear when a dog is nervous, tho, is there some truth about a high/wagging tail having more to do with arousal level rather than a feeling happy? Hoping you can speak to some of the subtleness, exceptions, or where people often might be confused. I see pet dogs wagging away on their daily walk, but look aroused and a bit nervous. All the ‘facts’ about this make it sound so cut and dry.


Hi Robert, I just became a member and tried to see if you have any videos or answered the question I have before but the search come back with so much result that I could not find the right answer. I am interested to see if you have a video or even spoke about how to train your dog, or poppy to stay home alone. I have a 8 month old Vizsla and trying to get him stay on his own for few hours now so we can go out and perhaps when go to work we don’t have to arrange for a sitter for him anymore.

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