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Hi Robert! Thank you for your content. My 6mo belgian mal is getting better at walks in my city neighborhood. He focuses on me instead of other dogs, loud noise, people, bikes etc. He will walk ahead of me and turn around to check in every few minutes. He comes to my left side with his body touching mine as I feed him a treat against my left thigh. Then he runs ahead again. How do I get him to stay on my left and walk with me for longer periods? I’m not sure where to introduce a slip lead because every time I pull it out, he thinks we’re going on a walk and is too excited.

David C

Robert thanks for all the great help. I have 2 GSDs a 2.5 yr old GSD Zac and a 7 mth Toby. They share literally everything, chew on the same toys together, take treats beside each other without issue. However when it comes to feeding Toby starts resource guarding, starting with the freeze and stare. Zac is a much softer dog so backs off. We feed in separate rooms now and this works fine. My question is. Is this an issue because of the food “value” to Toby? Is it taking the easy option to feed in separate rooms or is this setting up for other issues? Again thanks for all the great help.

Frank V

? Hello! I’ve been working with my 7mo Aussie since getting her at 7wks she has learned a lot however her attentiveness wavers. Do you think it will get better as she matures? Thanks ✌️


Hi Robert and Janet: 

So I have a Mal 2y F, we have done a great progress, I need some help with her stay, she does it in the house or with a leash but not when I take the collar off, and I’m lost on how to make the change in a different environment, in agility she can’t have a collar on and it’s too exciting but she needs to. 

I have seen videos showing it but I don’t know what I can improve so it’s a good stay and then run and take the jumps

Irit F

I conditioned Loki at low-level with mini-educator for 4 days (after 2 days no stim). This collar seemed to choke him so I exchanged it for Chameleon 3b. Started conditioning all over again. First day was good. On the second day I stimmed him at 4 outdoors and a few hours later he looked down in the dumps. The past two days I’m having him wear the collar with no training and just walks. Still looking pretty depressed but better on second day and taking treats again and normal without the collar. When can I go back to low-level conditioning with stim again? Thanks for all you do!

Katie R

Hi Robert my GSD puppy just about 5 months old may be going through a fear period? she is a curious but submissive dog- a little barky sometimes of course because shes a GSD but I take her everywhere and she usually does great I get compliments on how well behaved she is. we started group puppy obedience last week- did great and interacted with all the puppies at the end. today she was BADDDD- incessantly fearful barked for 20 straight minutes and was inconsolable and we had to leave. does this sound like a fear period, and any advice? 🙁 thank you-she did get her first rabies shot yesterday

Daniel D

Mr Cabral, I just had to put my GSD down because of liver failure. I have raised and trained GSD’s since being a teenager. I am 53, single and retired now. You have inspired me to sign up for your training videos because you simplify training more than I ever imagined. I will be getting a malinois in December 2023. To my question, I have a friend that has a deaf Pomski (designer dog) that she just found out that it is deaf. This is out of my expertise, but can you direct me to a video in your library or any info on the training of special needs puppy? Best Regards, Daniel Dafoe


Hi Robert, Whenever a delivery or mail shows up, my dog runs to the window and jumps on the sill barking. When the mail comes he’ll do that and run to his crate, which is good, or he’ll go to it as soon as he’s told 

What is the best way to extinguish his jumping on the sill and at the window? 

Thanks and best.

Gene Q

We want to bring a new puppy into our household. We have a lab poodle f1 mix that is 4 years old. We’ve had her for about a year. We are her 4th home. 

She seems to be dog aggressive to smaller dogs. 

How do we bring a mastiff puppy into our family.

Sam K

My 6 month old male dobe is very difficult to leash train. When I practice training him with a long line he is constantly pulling on it / bouncing off the end of it. Sometimes I feel like were making progress and he starts biting the leash and trying to play with it. he is otherwise well behaved. It is very frustrating!!! I have been watching and practicing your videos since I got him.

Monica D

What’s a good schedule for a 5 month old ? From waking up, play, training, feeding, nap time, I feel lost at not knowing what to do between his daily activities and nap time , from 7-9 we take a 45 minute walk, we play, train , feed, but what can he do after that? Is it nap time? I’m currently training place but I have to keep an eye on him at all times because he will get into stuff so is it best to put him in his crate? I only use his crate for naps, if I put him there just to chill he starts whining, thank you so much!

Shaun G

I have a 2 yo intact working line GSD, Titus. I work 2nd shift. He listens to me but not my wife very well. He will always look to me for confirmation if she tells him to lay down or place, will e-collar help? He also reacts when I put my hand out to offer him something. It’s happened multiple times, he gets whale eyed, hackles up, growling but I have no idea why, started recently. He’s obviously not happy. I don’t want to make it worse. I want to overcome this especially from a gesture that should have a positive association. His temperament seems to decline in the evening Pls help thanks!


Hello Robert, Firstly, thank you so much for the app. I truly love using it! My daughter is 5 years old, and many of our neighbors have children around her age. Could you provide guidance on what I should focus on in training/socializing to ensure my Belgian mal puppy becomes good with kids, or at least, remains neutral towards them? I’ve read that Malinois might start herding children. How should I correct/redirect this behavior in puppy?


Robert, I have a 7 year old Labradoodle. I knew nothing about dog training when I got her, she was a crazy pup, so I had to learn. Came across Larry Krohn videos, started working with her, and she’s been a great dog. Long story short, through Larry, I came across your material and decided to work through it. When I trained her to walk, I trained her to walk on my right side. I saw that you stress walking on the left side. Do you think it’s worth retraining her to walk on my left, even if she does great on my right? Or, at this point, just leave it be? Thanks!

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