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What ecollar do you recommend? Here’s the link:
MICRO B K9 Kick (this is the collar I LOVE and use) – be sure to get the extender above as well!

This is the kit, remote, collar and finger kick:
You’ll need the extender as well, Large- or Med-
Any questions, send an email and I’ll advise.


Sofia, 11 month old female came home with us from her breeder at age 6 months. She is both challenging and rewarding.  She has become uber attached to me and while in her crate will bark when she looses sight of me. Mahalo, Ken Bailey


What is your opinion on FDA linkage of grain free dog food and DCM . What is the best kibble for large breed dog in your opinion.


hi, I have two mals both sisters-littermates my larger of the two (Koda) is showing signs aggression at certain times to to where her sister (Kaia)cowers. open play outdoor kaia is the aggressor in play but inside one on one koda dominates the bed or couches if kaia walks up teeth are out and she will lunge. same if koda is in her crate she will show aggression if you walk by. how do we correct this?


My new shelter rescue came to me with many scars and a bit fearful have had him for 8 months now and has been going pretty well. There was an incident at the vet when I handed him off to get blood work he jumped and growl at them. Trainers only made it worse as they double looped him pulled him from me and he pooped himself HORRIBLE! Now he growls sometimes at people in stores if they talk to him or look at him. Not separation anxiety. He’s fine when I leave him in the car and at home.


Robert, I have a 13 w/o Border Terrier who loves to run around our fenced backyard exploring (and mouthing everything). In many of your lessons you advise to “always have a puppy on a leash or long line”. Does always means “always”, to the exclusion of free play, or do you mean “always when training”?

I don’t mean to be obtuse, but it would seem overly restrictive to have the puppy on a leash each waking moment of the day, if perhaps a bit safer. Thanks in advance.


I have an 18 week old belgian malinois pup. He was thoroughly socialized around dogs, animals people and children and had been doing exceptionally well. He then started training in personal protection at 15 weeks old. This week he has started to react to dogs on walks as well as small children. My question is, is 18 weeks too young to give a correction on the slip? I’m afraid I’m over the initial socializing period of 16 weeks, am i facing having a reactive dog or can this be eliminated?

Nate T

I have a 2 year Old GSD that’s training in protection. I had her on a flexi lead (I use it when she needs to go) but she pulled it out of my hands and it chased her now she’s scared of leads when pulling on the ground which isn’t helpful with training. She’s also be a bit skittish around objects on the floor especially if the lead touches it, how can I boost the confidence around these scenarios because I know she can be amazing at her job. She’s also sensitive to corrections.


Our 6 month old male lab recently started barking randomly at the front or back door when we are at home. It happens daily. He does this without anything happening outside, no people/dogs walking by. We currently recall him to his place when it happens, and he obeys. Often, he will get up again after a while to bark again. We walk him 3 times a day for 30 minutes, play games and do daily obedience training with him. How can we stop this barking without reason?


I have had GSDs all my life , long story short my 3yr old female has been a challenge from the start…I have followed Larry krohns ecaollar training as well as M Goldbergs, and I have tried I feel every method over the last three years…she can never be within 20 ft of another dog. I have tried creating space , correcting her , we had a k9 officer work with her ,he did super harsh corrections with the prong and yet she continues…Im at a loss..we just manage her on walks


I am advancing with my 11-mo old GSD heeling training and have added down (Platz) into her heel (foos) routine.  She is getting it but I find her down is a leaning sideways down versus a crouching down and this makes it difficult for her.   If this continues to be an issue, is there any harm in having her just stop and stay during the heel practice.  If no harm, what command should I use to hold her there?  (i.e. stay, or wait, etc.). I don’t want to confuse her.

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