Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

With all of the natural flea and tick solutions and products available I am stunned that people still buy poison to put on their dogs. Think about a product that you squirt on your dog’s skin (less than an ounce) and it’s so powerful that it repels fleas over your dog’s entire coat for a month. Let’s think about what damage that might cause to our dog.

Consider for a moment that the largest organ on any animal’s body is their skin and then ask yourself why you would pour poison onto that organ. Remember this stuff is so toxic that you should wear gloved when applying it and it kills fleas on contact. That is quite a feat! Furthermore, there are also pills that you can give your dog that will kill the fleas from the inside out. All of these products are prescribed by dog loving veterinarians and are advertised on TV every day. What other option do we have? We don’t want fleas and ticks infesting our dogs let alone our homes. We are forced to feed our dogs toxic chemicals that will save them… or will they?

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There are countless illness (whether short or long term) associated with the use of these chemicals. Can’t there be a better solution? Let’s look at this:

First of all, dogs that are fed a natural (RAW) diet are often much less likely to be prone to fleas and ticks than those on cheap commercial kibble. Secondly, unless your dog lives outside 100% of the time, you can spray your dog with some natural essential oils that will repel fleas, many of those include citronella, lemongrass, cinnamon, eucalyptus and more. A quick search on google will turn up 100’s of all natural solutions that will work to repel fleas and you can make them right at home. Another thing that I will do on the rare occasion that I go hiking with my dogs is soak a cotton collar or bandana in essential oils and water and have my dogs wear that as well as spraying them down. After the walk I will use that bandana to wipe them off and no fleas, no ticks. Remember that fleas and ticks have to work their way down through your dog’s fur in order to get to the skin, this usually takes a little while.

Now, here’s some great news and great products. A super simple and healthy solution for your dog that I’ve found is made by Earth Animal. They have a complete line of ALL Natural products that protect your dog from fleas and ticks and provide added health benefits as well. I personally use these products on my dogs regularly including the Daily Flea and Tick Powder that I put into their food. It’s all natural and the ingredients include: Alfalfa, Garlic, Spirulina, Kelp, Papaya, Neem, Nettles and Hawthorne.

I also use their Earth Animal Flea and Tick Shampoo. Now this isn’t a typical shampoo, some find it strange because your dog isn’t “fluffy” while being shampooed. The reason for this is because the “shampoo” contains Oils of Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Extracts of Rosemary, Sage, Calendula, Neem, Lemongrass, Aloe Vera Gel and other essential oils. These coat your dogs’s skin with a natural defense against invaders and it does so with natural ingredients that are also very good for your dogs skin, coat and health.

And, I saved my favorite for last. The organic “Bug Spray” not only smells great, but it WORKS. It works so good and smells so good, I use it on myself. It’s ingredients include Extract of Neem, Rue, Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, Horsetail, Essential Oils of Lemon, Eucalyptus and Fleabane.

You can use natural products like diatomaceous earth on your dog’s bedding on carpeting and in your car that will kill fleas and ticks on contact, and it is safe to mix into your dog’s food and will kill parasites internally.  Read the packaging instructions.

I really love the products by Earth Animal and hope you will see the health benefits to giving your dog a natural solution and try to avoid toxic pesticides on your best friend.

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