Schutzhund IPO Podcast with Oscar Mora – Podcast Episode 46

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Schutzhund also known as IPO or IGP is the German Dog sport that focusses on 3 elements: Obedience, Tracking and Protection. It’s a great sport for particular dogs and it takes a lot of training.

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In this podcast I welcome Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine Academy, the 2X Southwestern Regional Champion to the podcast. We discuss the training, competing and selection of the right dog for the sport. German Shepherds vs. Belgian Malinois and Cane Corso. What is the best training method? What are the secrets to making it to the top? We talk about what I love about the sport and what I don’t like.

Oscar brings a new light to the sport and his outlook and training is refreshing to see in the sport. If you love protection dog sports such as Mondio Ring, French Ring and IPOD / Schutzhund, you’ll love this podcast.

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Thanks Oscar for a great chat and all the good vibes you bring to this sport!

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