Schutzhund USA President Vadim Plotsker – German Shepherd Dog – EP. 82

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To begin, I have to say that USCA Is the most Important organization in the USA when it comes to the German Shepherd Dog.

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down with Vadim Plotsker, the current president of the USCA, United Schutzhund Clubs of America. This is the organization that is at the helm of German Shepherds in the USA.

What an amazing conversation and some interesting facts that you will want to know about if you love German Shepherds. Like why is the fight between kennel clubs and orgs like USCA, WUSV, FCI, etc so important for the German Shepherd? What has USCA done to improve the breed? What is the future of USCA, Schutzhund, working dog sports and more?

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