The Health Benefits of Fish Oils for Dogs – Dr Kristina Jackson – EP. 88

Do you give your dog a fish oil supplement? Do you know how much he or she needs? Too little or too much is NOT HEALTHY!

Feeding our dogs fish oil, mostly a couple of pumps of salmon oil has become very normal for dog lovers. But, do we know what our dog’s levels of fish oil or DHA / EPA are? Testing our dogs for their proper omega levels, an adjusting those levels, can help alleviate stiffness, arthritis, inflammation as well as many other issues.

I’ve recently discovered this test for our dogs, as well as for humans – and personally used it. I LOVE IT!

In this podcast I talk to Dr Kristina Jackson from Omega Quant about their new test for dogs. Super easy, just take the test and your dog to your vet, send in the sample and you’ll get a result in about 10 days. Surprisingly even my dog on a perfect raw diet was insufficient in his Omega Levels. At, 11.5 years old, I can tell you he jumps around like a young pup. All of my dogs take a fish oil supplement.

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