Turning SHELTER DOGS Into LIFE SAVING Search & Rescue Dogs (SAR)- EP.81

In this weeks podcast I got to sit down with Denise and Mandy from the Search Dog Foundation.

The foundation was founded by Wilma Melville and is considered the finest training facility for SAR dogs anywhere. They train rescue dogs to become rescuers. Many throw away shelter dogs are now saving lives through the skills they were taught at the Search Dog Foundation.

In this chat we talk about SAR – search and rescue dogs, human detection as well as cadaver detection dogs. What it takes to train them, their selection process and placing them in the proper hands. This was an amazing chat and I think you’re gonna love it.

These dogs are deployed across the country and across the world to do some of the most amazing work you can ever imagine.

Please consider supporting their work: https://SearchDogFoundation.org

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